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Air Lift pump

Air Lift pump

Air Lift pump or Air Lift pump is one of the simplest equipment in the field of wastewater treatment and aeration of aquaculture pools, which with the help of air pressure, tries to transfer fluid to the top of the ponds. Airlift pumps or air pumps are designed on the basis that the presence of air bubbles in the fluid will reduce their density and eventually lead to their upward movement. Seven Industrial Group; Manufacturer of airlift pumps and other water treatment equipment designs and manufactures this group of products in compliance with various standards. In the following, we will provide a comprehensive guide including how air pumps work, standards and important points in the design, production and manufacture of airlift pumps and everything you need to know about the price of Air Lift pumps and their purchase.

What is an airlift pump?

An airlift pump is a pump with low suction power that consists of two very simple pipes that are transferred from a compressed air pipe by a compressor or blower to the lowest point of the pond or treatment plant or pool and in the next pipe water droplets or Sewage moves up with the air. This type of pump actually reduces the density of the fluid by moving air into the sewage and fluid in the ponds and moves easily to the highest level of the pond.

Airlift pump operation method

To better understand and become more familiar with the Air Lift pump, it is better to first describe how this type of pump works and introduce each of the steps that go through it. The operation of the airlift pump is as follows:

The air is compressed by a compressor or blower and transferred down a pipe with the desired height of the pond or pool.

The entry of air into the fluid or sewage creates multiple bubbles that reduce the density of the fluid and move upwards through the second pipe of the pump.

Due to aeration and bubbling in the sewage and its transfer to the top, solid particles deposited in the floor may also move upwards. A very important issue in aeration or transfer of sediments by this pump is the non-use of mechanical or electronic energy, which is a great advantage for it.

Types of air pumps

Due to their simple structure, Air Lift pumps have low suction power and low fluid transfer speed upwards. Therefore, different types of this pump are designed. We introduced its common type in the first part of the text and explained how it works. In order to improve and increase the efficiency of the device, changes were made in its structure and another type called geyser pump was designed and produced.

What is a geyser pump?

In order to improve the suction power and transfer of air and fluid flow upwards to sedimentation ponds or aquaculture ponds, changes were made in the structure of conventional air-pump pumps. geyser pump is actually an improvement of old pumps that in their general structure, in addition to air transfer pipes, a kind of pipe is also considered as an air supplier. This pipe eventually causes fluid and air in the transfer pipe create larger bubbles. The formation of larger bubbles and their presence in the sewage or water in the ponds and the liquid source greatly affects the density reduction and therefore the speed of their transfer to the highest level of the pond increases.

Airlift pump design

In designing an airlift pump, it is necessary to consider several very important issues in order to increase the efficiency of this group of equipment. One of the most important things in designing an air lift pump is the height and length of the pipes. The air transfer pipe should be considered at the height of the pond and the liquid source in order to perform aeration and fluid transfer from the lowest point. In addition, it is necessary to determine the material of the pipes according to the organic matter in the wastewater to prevent corrosion and decay. Stainless steel and fiberglass, cast iron and composite are among the materials that can be selected according to the conditions of sewage and the environment of installation and use of Air Lift pump.

Construction of airlift pump

Seven Industrial Group, as the oldest manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment, has designed and manufactured Airlift pumps in its activities. It should be noted that in the process of manufacturing the airlift pump, the environmental conditions and the treatment plant are considered and the required standards are determined by the development and research team and a group of professional engineers, and finally the design is done. To know the features of each of the products in this collection, experts are ready to provide the necessary advice before buying an airlift pump.

Airlift pump price

The price of airlift pumps, like other water and wastewater treatment equipment, is determined by various factors, and that is why the variety of these pumps is high. Pipe body material, pipe height and size, type of pump and compressor, etc. are among the factors that affect the price of the airlift pump. To inquire about the price of Air Lift pump, all you have to do is contact the experts of Seven Industrial Group through the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Application of Air Lift pump

The reasons for using air pumps are so varied that in some cases they may be used to transfer sludge deposited in sedimentation ponds or to aerate aquaculture ponds. It is very important to note that if you use this pump to transfer sludge and sediment from the bottom of the ponds, it is necessary to consider the diameter of the fluid transfer pipes up large enough.

Advantages of Air Lift pump

The use and purchase of airlift pumps in the field of water and wastewater treatment is very high, the main reason for its great popularity is the numerous advantages of this equipment, some of which are:

·        Easy process of design, production and construction

·        Easy maintenance

·        Custom design capability according to the conditions of use of Air Lift pump

·        No need for mechanical and electronic energy

·        Light weight and easy transport

·        Ability to transfer sediment on the bottom of ponds of different sizes

·        No contact of the pump with the fluid in the pond and increase the life of the device

Disadvantages of airlift pumps

Despite the many advantages of this type of air pump, there are limitations in their use, in other words, like other equipment, it has disadvantages, some of which are:

·        Low suction power

·        Inadequate efficiency in high altitude ponds

·        Limited flow rate

·        High air transfer in the fluid inside the pool and its quality reduction for use in anaerobic wastewater treatment ponds

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