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Fixed surface aerator

Fixed surface aerator

Fixed surface aerator is one of the types of sewage aeration systems that are installed on concrete or metal bridges and perform aeration operation. These types of wastewater aeration systems are designed and produced based on turbine rotation speed and type of wastewater in different models. Seven Industrial Group; Manufacturer of fixed surface aerators and other wastewater treatment equipment that designs and manufactures this group of products in different sizes and dimensions. In the following, we will provide a comprehensive guide including the introduction of fixed sewage aeration system, design, production and construction of fixed surface aeration system and the price of surface aerators.

What is a fixed surface aerator?

In the industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment system, the use of activated sludge and aerobic microorganisms is very common and greatly improves the quality of wastewater. In order to feed aerobic bacteria in the sludge, aeration is needed and oxygen enters the wastewater, and for this purpose, aeration systems are designed and produced. Aeration systems are divided into different groups based on the type of installation and placement in treatment plants, as well as the rotation speed and aeration of each. Accordingly, two general types of floating and fixed surface aerators are designed and produced. A fixed sewage aeration system is a device that is installed on a concrete or metal bridge and causes more contact with the air by creating turbulence in the sewage, which eventually leads to the transfer of oxygen to the sewage. The entry of oxygen into the wastewater causes aerobic bacteria to be fed into the activated sludge and ultimately leads to an improvement in the treatment process.

Fixed surface aeration system

In the design and production of fixed aeration systems, unlike the floating type, there is no conical pipe for transporting sewage upwards and spraying them as a fountain in a large radius. In the structure of this device, an electric motor is considered to create rotation in the turbine and its blades in the sewage. By moving the blades of the device into the sewer and rotating it, turbulence occurs in the fluid and causes them to come into contact with each other. The contact of the fluid with the air eventually causes oxygen to be transferred into the treatment plant and aeration will take place. Fixed surface wastewater aeration system can be a good choice to create turbulence at the beginning of the fluid inlet channel to the treatment plant and aquaculture ponds.

Fixed surface aerators

One of the most important differences in the design of the surface aeration system of sewage is the speed of rotation and the so-called speed of this equipment. Accordingly, in general, two types of fixed aeration systems are produced, which are:

High speed surface aerator

The routine of high speed surface aerator is similar to that mentioned above. One of the most important features of this type of surface aeration system is that it does not need a gearbox to reduce the speed of the device, and therefore, the impeller is connected directly to the electromotor shaft. In this type of aeration system, felt bowls or rain caps are used to prevent water and sewage from entering the coil.

Due to the very high power of high-speed fixed aeration systems in creating turbulence and oxygenation of wastewater, it will be a good option for wastewater treatment in large and industrial treatment plants. In addition, it should be noted that due to the type of organic matter available in industrial wastewater, to prevent corrosion and decay of equipment and body, stainless steel and fiberglass are used to produce them.

Slow speed fixed surface aeration

Another type of surface aeration system is slow speed fixed surface aeration, the main feature of which is the use of a gearbox to move the impeller. As the name implies, the speed of rotation of the impeller and the turbulence created on the surface of the sewage is less than the fast type, and therefore it is mostly used to dissolve in sewage, aeration tanks and lagoons. In addition, its speed and slow speed increase the life of the device and easy maintenance.

Slow speed fixed surface aeration, like fast speed, has the ability to be designed, installed, used and maintained in various filtrations, and due to their body material, they are highly resistant to corrosive industrial organic materials.

Fixed surface aeration design

In designing the surface aerator, it is necessary to pay attention to several important issues, such as the material used in the construction of the machine blades, the height of the rod attached to the blades and their resistance to corrosion. For this purpose, in the design of fixed surface aeration, the body of the device is made of fiberglass or stainless steel. It is also necessary to design the overall shape and structure of the blades in such a way as to perform turbulence and movement of the wastewater in a suitable manner with high efficiency. In addition to the standards considered in the design of fixed surface aeration system, it is necessary to be careful in the construction of the bridge and the fit of the bridge body material with the weight of the device.

Fixed surface aeration construction

Seven Industrial Group is one of the most experienced and professional teams producing water and wastewater treatment equipment, which has included the production and construction of fixed and floating surface aeration systems in its activities. To know the features, specifications and standards used in each of these products, the experts of the group are ready to provide free advice before buying a fixed surface aerator.

Fixed surface aeration price

The difference in the structure intended for each of the fixed surface aeration systems of sewage causes a difference in the price of this equipment. For this purpose, we suggest using the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page to inform and inquire about the price of fixed surface aeration (fast and slow speed).

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