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Raked bar screen

Raked bar screen

Raked bar screen is one of the most important and main equipment in treatment plants that is used to prevent damage to the pump and other wastewater treatment plants. The most important feature of this group of sewage bar screens is that there is no need for manpower during the waste removal process. Seven Industrial Group; One of the most experienced teams in the field of Raked  bar screen production will continue to have a comprehensive look at this equipment and will answer questions such as how to design and build a Raked  bar screen? How does an automatic bar screen work? What is the price of Raked bar screen?

What is a Raked bar screen?

Raked bar screen is a set of screens that block the passage of garbage in the sewage and collect garbage from this screen, all the work is done automatically. In this group of wastewater treatment equipment, according to the installation and application that is considered for them, the distance between the rods is determined and in most cases for the design and production of Raked bar screen, a distance of 1.5 to 6 mm is considered for the rods. The motor installed on top of the sewage collector, after a large accumulation of solid pieces on the plate, moves the rake and causes waste to be removed from the plate. In most types of automatic screens, the amount of solids suspended in water is about 2 to 3 mg per liter. Of course, it should be noted that the amount of removal of organic matter and BOD for this equipment is about 3 to 7 mg.

Due to the fact that the driving force required to collect garbage in this equipment is provided by electricity, so in order to predict the conditions in which there is a possibility of power outage, the manual bar screen is used along with the Raked  type.

Raked bar screen working method

The working method of Raked bar screen is very similar to the manual type, with the difference that it does not require manpower and operator to use it, and the operation of all parts is completely automatic. The working method of Raked  bar screen is that first the best type of this equipment must be selected and installed according to the size of the opening of the sewage passage channel, the speed of fluid passage and also the amount of solids in the path.

Suspended solids such as pieces of wood, cloth, glass, plastic bottles, etc., cannot pass through contact with a rod or lattice. Over time, the amount of debris collected on the screen increases, leading to a rise in water level. In this case, the task of the Raked bar screen is to command the rake to collect and transport debris. The variety in this machine is very high and in some of them, the collected garbage can be washed, crushed and packed. It is very important to note that in the design and construction of Raked bar screen, all these steps and operations are fully automatic without the intervention of manpower.

Types of Raked bar screen

Raked bar screen can be divided based on various factors. For example, depending on the distance of the bars or holes on the screen, they can be placed in two groups: fine screen and coarse screen. The only difference between the two is the maximum amount of debris passing through them, and in other cases they act similarly.

In another type of classification and based on the structure intended for making Raked bar screen, it can be divided into two general groups, which are:

·        Bar screen

·        Mesh screen

The bar screen, as its name implies, is a screen consisting of several stainless steel bars spaced about 5 to 6 mm apart. In contrast, the mesh bar screen consists of perforated plates that are installed at the entrance of the sewer and prevent the entry of large pieces of debris.

In another category, based on the method used to collect garbage on the screen, Raked bar screen can be divided into the following groups:

·        Chain driven bar screen

·        Belt screen

·        Traveling bar screen

·        Chain Rake Screen

·        Rotating cylindrical screen(Rotating Drum Screen)

·        Centrifugal screen

·        Rotating raked basket screen

In the following, we will describe some of the most common types of raked bar screen.

Chain driven belt screen

In this type of filter, the process of collecting the accumulated garbage on the screen is done by chains and a rake. This process is done periodically and after increasing the amount of waste and completely automatically. One of the biggest disadvantages of this type of filter is the reduction of chain life due to its constant presence in water.

Traveling bar screen

This type of filter is actually the same as the manual type, with the difference that the lowering of the rake to collect garbage and transfer it to the top of the device is done automatically. One of the best features of this type of filter is that the rake is out of the water, which makes it have a longer life than the type of chain drive.

Belt screen

As the name implies, this group of filters uses a belt-like perforated screen in their structure, which moves through the gears installed in the machine after collecting garbage. One of the best advantages of this type of bar screen is that the electrical parts of the device are out of water.

Raked bar screen design

In designing a Raked bar screen, like other types, it is necessary to consider several important factors and make calculations accordingly. One of the most important of these is the distance between the rods, which is determined by the fine or coarse nature of the waste. But the most common size for this purpose is 10 to 50 mm. In addition, it is necessary to measure the width of the bars, for which 10 mm will be suitable. Other important factors in the design and production of Raked bar screen include the speed of sewage through the canal, which is considered to be about 0.3 to 0.9 meters per second. In a mechanical bar screen, the angle of the bars in relation to the surface should be considered, so that 45 to 60 degrees is one of the best conditions for their installation in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the device.

Benefits of Raked bar screen

Mechanical bar screen Raked have more applications than the manual type. The wide selection and purchase of this group of filters in the first stage is due to their many advantages, which are:

·        High efficiency and effectiveness in treatment plants with a capacity of more than 1000 cubic meters

·        Reduce costs due to the lack of manpower in the process of collecting garbage on the screen

·        Reduce human error due to the automation of all processes

·        Easy installation, repair and maintenance

·        High corrosion resistance due to the material used in various parts of the device

·        High efficiency in removal of suspended solids (2 to 3 mg / l)

Manufacturing and producing Raked bar screen

Due to the very important role of pollutants in industrial and semi-industrial treatment plants, Seven Industrial Group has made the production of Raked bar screen with the latest standards in its activities. This collection uses the experience and knowledge of experts and engineers in the field of water and wastewater treatment to design and manufacture Raked bar screens, and currently offers its products to refineries and large industrial and semi-industrial companies. The experts of Seven Industrial Group provide the necessary advice for selecting and purchasing a Raked bar screen according to the intended application through the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Raked bar screen price

The price of Raked bar screen is determined according to its type, the material used for the bars and mesh screen, their dimensions and capacity, and other items that have been considered in the production process. For this reason, there is a lot of variation in the price of this device and their price cannot be announced accurately and consistently. In order to inquire about the price of Raked bar screen, you can contact Seven Industrial Group.

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