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Corrosion inhibitor package

Corrosion inhibitor package

Corrosion inhibitor package or CIP is one of the main equipments in refineries and oil and gas extraction wells that prevent corrosion and rot of oil and gas transmission lines by adding liquid or gas. Haft Industrial Group is the manufacturer of Corrosion inhibitor package and other equipment in the field of wastewater treatment, which designs and manufactures these packages based on the conditions of the environment. In the following, we will present the standards used in the design, production and manufacture of Corrosion inhibitor package, working method and price of this equipment.

What is a corrosion inhibitor package?

One of the biggest problems in the oil and gas related industries is corrosion in pipes and fittings, which eventually leads to decay and damage in various sectors. Repairing and replacing pipelines and fittings can be very costly and, in addition, can be time consuming and sometimes dangerous. For this purpose, the corrosion inhibitor package has been designed and manufactured to make anti-corrosion chemicals resistant to oil and gas pipes and fittings. Oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are the main corrosive substances in pipes and fittings.

Types of Corrosion inhibitor package

Depending on the type of fluid in the pipes and temperature conditions, etc., the materials used in CIP are determined. In general, this package uses three types of inhibitors, which are:

·        Anodic inhibitors that react with oxygen to reduce corrosion on surfaces

·        Cathodic inhibitors that greatly reduce the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen with metal surfaces. Among the cations used in these conditions are arsenic and selenium ions.

·        Combined inhibitors: In another type of package, a combination of the two types is used. This type is mostly used in boilers and condenser pipes.

Corrosion inhibitor package design

Corrosion inhibitor package design should be done according to defined standards due to the high accuracy required in them. In addition, in the CIP design process, it is necessary to pay attention to the environmental conditions and the type of fluid in the pipelines in order to design and produce the product according to them.

Construction of Corrosion inhibitor package

Haft Industrial Group is one of the most experienced design, production and manufacturing teams of Corrosion inhibitor package that all production stages of this product are carried out under the supervision of experienced and professional engineers in this field. This collection has already registered the design, production and construction of CIP for large native and foreign refinery environments in its resume. Due to the fact that the construction of CIP should be done completely based on the characteristics of the environment used, so for more information about this product, we suggest that you contact the experts in this collection.

Price of Corrosion inhibitor package

The components, parts and materials used in the design and production process of Corrosion inhibitor package are completely in accordance with its application in the desired environment. As a result, its price is variable and is determined based on various factors. You can contact Haft Industrial Group to inquire about CIP price.

Application of CIP package

The main application of CIP is to prevent corrosion and decay in transmission lines of oil and gas refineries. The high financial costs associated with the maintenance of pipelines and the risks of pipe rot are the main reasons for the widespread use of these packages. Reducing costs and increasing safety on oil and gas transmission lines is the most important advantage of using this equipment. The experts of Haft Industrial Group are ready to provide free advice and consultation before purchasing CIP through the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

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