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Tanks under air pressure

Tanks under air pressure

Pressure vessel is a cylindrical or spherical metal structure that is used in industrial and domestic sectors to maintain various fluids at a pressure other than atmospheric pressure. The application of the pressurized tank varies according to its installation location, as it acts as a water source in domestic water supply systems and is used in oil and gas refineries to store fluid or perform chemical reactions. Seven Industrial Group is a manufacturer of pressure vessels in various sizes and shapes, which offers its products for oil and petrochemical refineries and in smaller industrial units. Due to the very high sensitivity in the design, production and construction of pressure vessels, the industrial group considers seven different standards in all steps. In the following, we will provide a comprehensive guide including the introduction of Pressure vessel, its types and price of Pressure vessel and everything you need to know about this type of tanks.

What is a pressure vessel?

Air pressure reservoir, also known as pressure vessel, is one of the most practical types of pressure vessels that are used in large industrial and semi-industrial units and urban and domestic water supply systems. This type of vessel actually has a very durable metal tank with the size and dimensions appropriate to its installation location and the amount of inlet and outlet fluid to it, which is located in the fluid transfer path and after the pump. When the pump is turned on, the fluid enters the tank and is stored in it. When the pressurized tank valve is opened, the compressed air inside the tank presses on the tube inside the vessel in which the fluid is stored and transfers it to the outlet pipes. After reducing the amount of fluid in the tank, the pump is turned on again and performs the transfer operation into the tank.

Due to the fact that the fluid is stored in this type of tank and the pump does not need to be turned on until it is consumed, therefore it can be said that one of the most important advantages of this type of tank is increasing pump life and reducing electricity consumption by preventing Consecutive switches on and off the pump.

Types of pressure vessels

Pressure vessels are divided into different groups according to their size, structure, internal components and work routine, and the strength of the body. In other words, in selecting a tank under air pressure, according to the type of fluid, its amount and the purpose of using this type of tank, the appropriate type is selected. Tank types, each with unique features, include the following:

Cylindrical and spherical vessel

The shape of this type of vessel is designed in a cylindrical and spherical shape, which is determined according to the location of the vessel and the type of fluid and environmental conditions. Cylindrical vessels can be installed horizontally and vertically and semicircular caps are installed at the highest point of them. It should be noted that the general structure of the vessel and the shape of the caps are performed by professional engineers and technicians based on various calculations and ASME standards.

Gas or liquid pressure vessel

Pressure vessels are designed to store gas and liquid according to their installation location and the fluid entering the tank. For example, for gas storage in refineries, air pressure vessels with special conditions can be used, which are stored in a completely resistant and safe environment and the desired gases are discharged from it when necessary. Liquid pressure vessels can be used in refineries and water supply systems and even in the path of domestic water pumps and greatly reduce the pressure on the pumps and save energy.

Diaphragm air pressure vessel

One of the most important features used in the design and construction of diaphragm pressure vessels is the use of resistant tubes with sizes appropriate to the capacity of the tank and its resistance to air pressure. In this type of tank, when the pump is turned on, the fluid enters the tube and its walls open to a certain extent. When the tank drain valve is opened, the compressed gas on top of the tank enters the pressure tube and transfers and directs the fluid to the outlet pipes. This type of tank is also known as a tube under air pressure tube.

Air Pressure vessel design

 Due to the pressure that the gas inside the tank puts on its walls, air pressure tank has several dangers. For this purpose, several standards have been provided by ASME for the design of its various parts, and their observance is considered to ensure the safety of the tank. The most important things to consider in designing air pressure vessels are the following options:

Tank body material

The material used to make this tank must have high resistance to pressure, impact, moisture, and corrosion due to contact with chemicals. Durable metal sheets with a thickness appropriate to the type of fluid and the place of installation of the tank are used in the design of these tanks. In addition, the inner walls of the tank must be completely insulated and reinforced with corrosion-resistant materials.

Size and capacity of the pressure vessel

One of the most important things to consider in designing a tank under air pressure is the size and capacity of the tank. The choice of standard capacity and size for this tank is determined based on various factors and perfectly in accordance with the conditions of the tank installation environment, the type of fluid and the amount of fluid entering and leaving it in specific time intervals.

Construction of pressure vessels

Seven Industrial Group, as one of the most experienced manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment equipment and pressure vessels, has included the production and manufacture of pressure vessels in its activities. It should be noted that the design and production of pressure vessel in this complex is done uniquely and perfectly in accordance with the characteristics of the project. In order to increase the quality of products and ensure safety, all stages of design, production and manufacture of air pressure vessels in Seven Industrial Group are carried out under the supervision of experienced and professional engineers and technicians. The experts of this collection are ready to provide the necessary advice before designing and constructing these tanks and will fully clarify the characteristics of the desired tank to eliminate ambiguities according to the project conditions for each order.

Pressure vessel price

The price of air pressure vessel is determined according to the shape of the source (cylindrical or spherical), capacity and size and dimensions of the vessel, the material used for the body, the thickness of the walls and other factors. Due to the great diversity in this group of vessels, the experts of Seven Industrial Group are ready to answer the questions about the price of pressure vessels with different features through the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Application of pressure vessel

Features used in the structure of these vessels and their work routine, these sturdy and metal structures can be used in different environments and for different purposes, the most important of which are the following options:

·        Gas storage in massive gas refineries

·        Storage and retention of oil and petroleum products in refineries

·        Storage and retention and chemical reactions in petrochemical plants

·        Use of pressure vessel in urban and domestic water supply system

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