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Industrial wastewater treatment package

Industrial wastewater treatment package

Industrial wastewater treatment package (chemical wastewater treatment package) is one of the most essential equipment in the field of wastewater treatment due to the presence of organic matter, heavy metals, and hazardous micro-organisms in wastewater produced in industrial environments. This package is actually a set of different processes for the treatment of chemical wastewater, which are produced with different characteristics depending on the type of pollutants in the water. “Haft” Industrial Group; Manufacturer of industrial and chemical wastewater treatment package with the latest world standards, which is one of the main groups in the design and production of equipment in the field of water treatment. In the following, we will provide a comprehensive guide including the features & specifications provided in the design, production, and manufacture of industrial wastewater treatment packages, the price of chemical wastewater treatment packages, and the benefits and applications of the products produced by this collection.

What is an industrial wastewater treatment package?

One of the biggest problems and concerns in developed and developing countries is the high use of water in industry and the entry of organic matter and heavy metals and hazardous pollutants into it. In addition to high water consumption in factories and refineries and drought problems in different parts of the world, the wastewater produced by these complexes has become a serious threat to the environment. Bacteria in hospital sewage can be the source of many diseases and their penetration into groundwater has many dangers. For this purpose, the industrial wastewater treatment package has been designed to treat and remove hazardous pollutants before they enter nature.

Wastewater in industrial and hospital environments, after entering the chemical wastewater treatment package, goes through several stages and in each step, part of the pollutants are removed from it. Eventually, the effluent will be able to enter the environment. It should be noted that the capabilities considered for the design of this equipment in the first stage depend on the type of wastewater and organic matter and pollutants in it, as well as the amount of wastewater produced in the environment. Thus, the hospital wastewater treatment package is different from food industry factories.

Industrial wastewater treatment method

In general, regardless of the type of wastewater produced in the industry, various methods for chemical wastewater treatment are considered in these packages, the most important of which are the following:

Physical treatment of chemical wastewater

The first and one of the most important steps in industrial wastewater treatment is the use of physical methods to remove solid pollutants in water. In any industry, large solid particles may be suspended in the water, which can be removed and deposited by processes such as garbage collection, filtration, and chemical precipitation. This step does not affect reducing the amount of organic matter and hazardous chemical contaminants in the wastewater.

Chemical treatment of industrial wastewater

Reservoirs and ponds intended for chemical injection are the second important step to remove chemical contaminants in industrial wastewater. The type of chemicals injected at this stage depends on the wastewater and the type of material in it. For example, in environments where oil, diesel, and colloidal particles are present in wastewater, coagulants can be separated from water by injecting coagulants. The number of chemicals and their dose can be adjusted automatically and their amount and type are determined according to the measurements made from PH, etc.

Chemical wastewater treatment by biological methods

Another very important step in the industrial wastewater treatment package is biological treatment. Sewage passage through the sludge bed under aerobic and anaerobic conditions are two very widely used methods in the wastewater treatment industry, for each of which different equipment and methods have been designed and provided. One of these methods is UASB wastewater treatment, which removes organic matter in wastewater under anaerobic conditions. The most well-known methods of biological wastewater treatment are SBR, RBC, ASBR, and FBR, which are used in the design and construction of chemical wastewater treatment packages depending on the type of wastewater.

Design of industrial wastewater treatment package

The design of industrial or chemical wastewater package has a very high accuracy and several factors and standards are considered for it. Type of wastewater, amount of BOD, COD, TOC and FOG, type of pollutants, heavy metals, oily wastewater, etc., amount of wastewater produced in specific periods, temperature, PH and in general the field of activity of the factory or industry They are effective in designing industrial wastewater treatment packages.

Other very important items in the design of a chemical wastewater treatment package are the materials used in the manufacture of its various components and parts. In the structure of these packages, in general, you can see the tank, mechanical garbage collector, sludge collection systems, electric motors, electrical panels, pipes, and fittings. Because of the high contact of the tank with wastewater rich in chemical contaminants, carbon steel metal profiles are used in the construction of their body. These tanks are completely resistant to corrosion due to their epoxy coatings. It should be noted that depending on the capacity of the tank and the amount of wastewater produced in the industry, their material may change. In small treatment plants, fiberglass may also be used for the tank body of the industrial wastewater treatment package.

Manufacturing industrial and chemical wastewater treatment package

“Haft” Industrial Group is one of the biggest manufacturers of industrial wastewater treatment package, which has been active in the field of production and manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment for more than 30 years. Over the years of activity in this field, this group has succeeded in implementing major domestic and international projects. Adherence to international standards in the design and construction of chemical wastewater treatment packages and high diversity in products and their unique design based on the type of order under the supervision of experienced engineers is one of the main features of Haft Industrial Group products. The experts of this collection are ready to provide the necessary advice and guidance before purchasing the industrial wastewater treatment package.

Price of industrial wastewater package

Wastewater treatment in industrial environments is unique and methods and steps that are completely appropriate to the type of pollutants in them must be considered in the package. Therefore, the price of industrial wastewater treatment package is variable and there are different rates for different environments. Tank capacity and size, body material and fittings and other components of the wastewater treatment package are among the factors that affect the price of industrial wastewater treatment package. In order to inquire about the price of the industrial and chemical wastewater treatment package, you can use the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Application of prefabricated industrial wastewater package

As mentioned, in designing, manufacturing, and producing industrial and chemical treatment packages, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of wastewater and the desired industry. Because completely different options are designed and used for each industrial environment. Among the industrial environments where the design and production of industrial wastewater treatment package has been done by Haft Industrial Group, the following can be mentioned:

·        Textile wastewater treatment package

·        Hospital wastewater treatment package

·        Wastewater treatment package for slaughterhouses and industrial livestock

·        Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment package

·        Wastewater treatment plants for paint factories

·        Wastewater treatment for industrial estates

·        Wastewater treatment package for food industry

·        Wastewater treatment package for vegetable oil factories

·        Industrial wastewater treatment for refineries and power plants

·        Chemical wastewater treatment for steel industries

·        Wastewater treatment package for detergent and cosmetics factories

Advantages of using a chemical wastewater package

The most important and main positive and unique features in wastewater treatment products produced by Haft Industrial Group are:

·        High efficiency in industrial environments with various pollutants

·        High resistance of tanks and pipes and fittings against corrosion

·        Portable from the manufacturing workshop to the package installation site

·        High speed in package construction, installation, and commissioning

·        Can be used in environments with different temperatures and weather conditions

·        Design perfectly fits the environment and space of the package installation

·        Low energy consumption

·        Installation, commissioning, maintenance in a short time and low cost

It should be noted that the characteristics of each of the products of Haft Industrial Group are designed and determined based on the desired environment and conditions. Therefore, for information on the specifications of the industrial and chemical wastewater treatment package and to receive a free consultation in order to purchase a better product, we suggest that you contact the experts of Haft Industrial Group.

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