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Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer

Oil skimmer is one of the most important equipments in the wastewater treatment industry that is used to separate the oil surface on the water. Oil Skimmer or Oil scum Skimmer by removing grease and oil layers from the water has a great impact on improving the water quality of oil refineries, refineries and pisciculture ponds and according to their application has different types. Seven Industrial Group, as a manufacturer of oil skimmer, in this article will provide a comprehensive guide including the price of oil skimmer, how to design and manufacture oil skimmer and its type and the reasons for producing oil skimmer.

What is Oil Skimmer?

Oil skimmer is equipment that is used to absorb and collect grease and oil layers from water in different environments. Depending on their type, these equipments use different methods to collect hydrocarbons, diesel, oil and grease, and finally, they will make the water suitable for aquatic consumption or industrial environments. The use of this equipment, depending on the purity of the water required, may be selected as a pre-treatment stage for wastewater, which will have a great impact on extending the life of the filters. The presence of tramp oil on the water over time causes an unpleasant odor in the environment and helps the growth of various bacteria. For this reason, the separation of these layers in industrial waters and pools is very important.

Types of oil skimmers

Oil skimmers can be classified based on several important factors, the most important of which is the method of collecting oil surfaces on the water. Due to the fact that most small and large refineries use floating equipment to collect oil and petroleum levels, as a result, we will refer to the floating oil skimmer. The most common types of oil skimmers are the following options:

Oil Skimmer belt

As the name implies, in the production of belt skimmers, a belt-like metal strip is formed whose surface is capable of absorbing oil, petroleum, diesel, grease and hydrocarbons. The routine of this oil removal equipment is that the belt absorbs the oil over time after being in a pool or water tank or sea. After the surface of the belt is covered with oil, the tape is collected inside the machine and cleaned by special oil blades, and if necessary, the belt will be placed in water again. The name of the oil absorber on this belt is Oelophil.

Rope Skimmer

Other common examples of floating skimmers include rope or cat tail and fox tail. Rope Mop Oil Skimmer is very similar to the belt type. The difference is that instead of a belt, a kind of rope is used that has the ability to absorb oil. This rope is constantly rotating, thus cleaning the surface of the pool or sea water and other aquatic environments.

Suction oil skimmer

In this type of oil remover, funnels connected to the pump are considered to be floating on the water and start collecting and sucking oil or petroleum layers from the water. The collected oils are then transferred to the discharge medium through the hoses connected to the pump.

Disk Oil Skimmer

By placing the disc plates in this type of oil skimmer, the oil collection process is done. These discs are rotating and can separate oily layers from water and can be used to collect oil and petroleum.

How oil skimmer works

The basis of the work considered in the production of oil skimmers is based on the density difference between the two levels, which prevents them from mixing with each other. Accordingly, in the design and construction of oil skimmer, the difference in surface tension between water and oil is used, and according to it, oil absorbing belts are installed in the device to achieve the main goal, which is the separation of these two surfaces. In fact, by producing oil skimmer, an effective step can be taken to eliminate aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in oils on water.

Application of Oil Skimmer

One of the biggest problems in aquaculture ponds and other open water sources is the accumulation of fat layers that greatly reduces water quality. In addition to reducing water quality, the presence of these layers eventually leads to the loss of aquatic life or damage to the equipment of treatment plants and refineries. For this purpose, Oil skimmer is used in different conditions. The main uses of oli skimmer include the following:

·        Removal of oil and petroleum layers from open aquaculture ponds

·        Use Oil Skimmer in the pre-treatment stage of wastewater to increase the life of filters

·        Removal of oil layers on seawater to protect the environment

·        Use of Oil Skimmer in balancing tanks and sumps and removal of hydrocarbons in water

·        Separation of oil from soap and water in industrial environments

·        Increase the water quality in refinery tanks by removing oil and petroleum layers

Making Oil Skimmer

Seven Industrial Group, which is one of the main manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment equipment, has made the production of oil skimmer one of its main activities. Due to the high sensitivity and accuracy in this group of wastewater treatment equipment, all stages of design and construction of oil skimmer are done by a team of professional and experienced engineers. The use of standard methods in the manufacture of oil skimmer has finally provided the conditions for cooperation of this complex with large industrial factories, refineries and power plants. The specifications intended for the design of Oil Skimmer vary according to their type, and for this purpose, the experts of Seven Industrial Group provide the necessary advice before purchasing this equipment through the communication channels at the bottom of the page.

Oil skimmer price

The price of oil skimmer is not fixed like other industrial equipments and various factors affect it. The type of device, body material and technology used in its design, capacity and other factors can all be effective in determining the price of oil skimmer. To inquire about the price of oil skimmer, you can contact the experts of Seven Industrial Group.

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