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Calibration pot

Calibration pot

Calibration pot is one of the main equipment in the chemical injection package, which is used to increase the accuracy of injection based on the required flow rate. Calibration pot is produced in different sizes and is a kind of accurate measuring tool for tanks that need to be injected with different chemicals. Seven Industrial Group; Manufacturer of calibration pot and other wastewater treatment equipment, which provides a comprehensive guide for this group of products. This guide covers important standards in designing, making calibration pots, prices and everything you need to know about this product.

What is a calibration pot?

Calibration pot, measuring container, calibration cylinder or calibration pot are all the names of a device and a container with different sizes, which is included in the equipment package of chemical injection package. A calibration cylinder is a container made of glass, PVC or stainless steel that has degrees on its body and determines the injection flow rate of the pump. In different water treatment tanks, it may be necessary to inject chemicals with a specific flow rate based on fluid pressure and environmental conditions. In this case, the calibration pot is installed before the injection pump and its task is to control the amount of injection material into the desired fluid in the tank after the pump.

Types of calibration pot

 Calibration pot can be divided into different groups according to the material, size and type of charging. Each of these groupings assigns specific features to the calibration pot, which include:

Types of calibration pots based on its material

The material used for the body of the calibration pot is determined according to the type of chemicals. In general, it is better to consider materials for this purpose that reduce the possibility of corrosion due to contact with chemicals. Most of the time, these cylinders are made of glass, which has a high resistance to temperature and impact. In addition, depending on the environment, the calibration pot may be made of PVC and stainless steel.

Types of calibration pots based on the type of charge

To adjust the injection pump flow, the calibration pot must first be filled with the amount of chemicals that must be injected at the desired time interval. How to charge or fill the material inside the calibration pot is done by two methods of gravity and suction. If the calibration pot is located below the tank, it will be filled or charged by gravity method, and if it is installed above the tank, it will be charged with the help of suction pumps.

How calibration pot works

As mentioned, the calibration pot is installed before the chemical injection pumps to accurately measure and adjust the injection flow. Therefore, after the chemical tank, the inlet valve is placed in the calibration pot and the chemical enters the container to the extent of the capacity determined for it. After filling the calibration pot capacity, the first valve closes and the second valve, which transfers the chemicals to the injection pump, opens and the injection operation takes place. This cycle will continue until the required time and based on the purpose and location of the chemical injection package.

Calibration pot design

One of the most important points to consider in designing a calibration pot is how to size and calibrate the device. In general, according to the standards for calibration pot design, for large pumps the size of this equipment is one-minute pump discharge and for small pumps, two minutes’ pump discharge is considered. Other important items in the design and construction of calibration pots are the material used for the body and other connections in them. Strong glass is often considered for their body and stainless steel is used for its holding parts to be sufficiently resistant to chemicals.

Making a calibration pot

Seven Industrial Group is one of the largest design, production and manufacturing teams of calibration pots in different sizes. It should be noted that all products designed and built in this complex are under the supervision of professional and experienced engineers in the field of water and wastewater treatment. Due to the high variety of products and equipment of Seven Industrial Group, we suggest that you contact the experts for a free consultation before buying a calibration pot.

Calibration pot price

The price of the calibration pot or calibration cylinder is measured based on the material of the pot body and also their size. Due to the fact that the material and size of each of these products are determined at the design stage of the calibration pot and based on the place of installation and use of this equipment, so the prices are completely different. To inquire about the price of the calibration cylinder, you can contact Seven Industrial Group through the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Advantages of pot calibration

·         The most important advantages of calibration pot are the following:

·         High accuracy in determining the injection pump flow

·         Easy design, production and maintenance

·         Design and production based on the type of chemicals desired

·         Low calibration tank price

·         Requires little space to install them in different environmental conditions

Application of calibration pot

In addition to the main application of the calibration tank, which is to measure and adjust the flow rate of chemicals according to fluid conditions, this group of equipment can be used for other applications as well. The most important applications of calibration pot are the following:

·         Use the calibration pot as a suction line accumulator

·         Check valve performance test after injection pump (if the fluid level in the calibration tank changes at the end of the pump course at once, it indicates a failure in the pump check valve)

·         Precise injection of chemicals based on the desired flow without the need for manual adjustments

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