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Water treatment by ultrafiltration (UF) method

Water treatment by ultrafiltration (UF) method

UF ultrafiltration is one of the newest water treatment methods that is widely used in industrial, domestic and agricultural sectors. Ultra-Filtration UF is designed based on the use of a the empty filter (membranes) that due to the very small diameter of the holes on the filter, has the ability to remove waste and contaminants in the water up to 99%. In the following, we will have a complete look at water purification by ultrafiltration method and the advantages and important points in using this equipment. Join Haft Industrial Group, a manufacturer of ultrafiltration water treatment packages.

What is UF ultrafiltration?

Due to the shortcomings of water treatment methods such as sand filter and bag filter and their inability to completely remove germs and viruses in water, a new method called ultrafiltration was introduced. In this method, with the help of empty polypropylene filters, water-suspended particles with a size of less than 0.02 microns can be completely removed. In other words, the use of filters or membranes with holes with a diameter of 0.01 microns makes it impossible for all particles smaller than 0.02 microns to pass through the water, and as a result, the water is purified to 99.99%.

Reasons for using a UF ultrafiltration water treatment package

Excessive water consumption for industrial, domestic and agricultural use, as well as declining rainfall in recent years, has raised many concerns around the world. In addition, in many areas and cities, purified drinking water is difficult to obtain and may even contain a lot of salts. For this purpose, various methods for water treatment have been introduced, which one of the bests is ultrafiltration. With this method, not only industrial water, but also in the production of drinking water, can produce from impure water the pure water which is away from any pollution, viruses and dangerous microbes.

Ultrafiltration method in water treatment

According to the system considered in the design and production of ultrafiltration, the steps of water treatment in the UF method include two steps, which are pre-treatment and complete treatment. In the pre-treatment stage, after the water flows due to the pressure applied by (feed pump), large particles floating in the water are eliminated by micron filters. After this stage, water passes through membranes with a diameter of 0.01. Due to the small diameter of the holes on this filter, all particles such as mud, virus, germs, divalent ions and other waste materials cannot pass. As a result, it can be said that the water that passes through the filter is up to 99.99% pure and without any contamination.

 Due to the amount of pollution in the water, after about an hour of water treatment, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the filter. Reverse washing and aeration are two very practical processes in this step that cause all the particles left on the filter to be removed and the membranes to be thoroughly cleaned. In some cases, the membranes may need to be rinsed with chemicals to remove any deposits on the filter.

What is the quality of water entering the UF?

In order to better efficiency in the ultrafiltration method, it is necessary to pay attention to the features considered in the design and production of filters and membranes, standards and the quality of water entering the device. In general, based on a regular standard, the quality of water entering the UF is as follows:

  • COD or oxygen demand less than 60 mg / lit
  • Maximum pH in the range of 2 to 11 units
  • Oil in water less than 2 mg / lit
  • Maximum water turbidity, 300 NTU
  • Maximum Solid suspended particles in water less than 100 mg / lit

Lack of attention to the quality of the water entering the UF causes the membranes or filters to become dirty very quickly and lose their efficiency and reduce its lifespan.

Application of ultrafiltration

As mentioned, water treatment removes suspended particles, mud, heavy metals, and even microorganisms, viruses, and germs from the water. According to the procedure and also how ultrafiltration works in different environments and for different purposes, the most important of which can be mentioned as follows:

UF ultrafiltration in industrial applications

One of the main applications of ultrafiltration is in the industrial sector and wastewater treatment of factories and production workshops. Due to its ability to remove organic matter, oils, greases, colloidal particles as well as proteins, the ultrafiltration water treatment package can be used in food and pharmaceutical industries as well as various factories. In addition, this treatment method is very useful for removing contaminants in pond water, rivers and industrial effluents and causes water to circulate.

Of course, it should be noted that ultrafiltration method is very useful not only in water treatment, but also in textile factories, dairy and protein and food as well as pharmaceuticals and has the ability to remove enzymes, amino acids and dyes in wastewater.

Ultrafiltration in domestic use

The presence of salts and minerals in drinking water is one of the biggest problems that people in most areas face. In addition, in some areas, access to drinking and treated water may not be possible and various diseases may occur in these conditions. By using the ultrafiltration water purification package, completely pure water can be easily obtained without any contamination.

Use of UF ultrafiltration in reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis, which is one of the most practical methods in water treatment, works with semi-permeable membranes. In many cases, ultrafiltration can be used in the pre-treatment stage to remove large amounts of contaminants, organic matter and waste from the water, and as a result, reverse osmosis filters and membranes will last longer. In addition, the use of UF eliminates the need to add chlorine or ozone to the water, thus preventing the RO filter from perforating.

Advantages of UF ultrafiltration

Despite the existence of various methods for water treatment, ultrafiltration has been very well received in industrial and domestic applications, the main reason for this popularity is its many benefits. The most important benefits of UF are:

  • Production of pure water without fine particles, viruses, microbes and organic matter
  • Benefit from very high resistance to oxidation
  • Benefit from high thermal and chemical resistance
  • Very low rate of membrane clogging and no need for serial service and washing
  • Low SDI in the ultrafiltration process
  • Very high accuracy when separating
  • No limit on the amount of treated water due to lack of water storage tank
  • Widely used in industry and agriculture
  • Easy device maintenance
  • Save energy due to the need for low pump pressure to get water into the device
  • High resistance of ultrafiltration membranes to chemical and mechanical substances

How to increase the performance of the ultrafiltration device?

Due to the relatively high monetary value of the ultrafiltration water treatment package, especially in the industrial type, it is necessary to be careful in how to use the device. Depending on the amount of waste in the water and their type, wash the filters with chemicals, ventilation systems and reverse wash. In addition, the filters of the device should not be in a dry environment for a long time. In cases where it is necessary to turn off the device for a long time, it is better to use special chemicals to put the filter in it.

Washing the water purification package by ultrafiltration method is done by reverse washing method, so that in the opposite direction of the water entry path, it is necessary to do this process. It should be noted that in many ultrafiltration devices, washing operations are performed spontaneously by PLC devices for 45 minutes.

Price of Ultrafiltration uf

The price of UF ultrafiltration depends on the capacity of the device, the material of the body and its internal parts, and therefore a fixed rate cannot be offered for it. This equipment is designed and manufactured according to the customer’s order and its price will be estimated at the design stage. You can contact the experts of Haft Industrial Group to inquire about the price of the desired ultrafiltration with custom size and dimensions.

Production of UF ultrafiltration in Haft Industrial Group

“Haft Industrial Group”, as one of the most experienced manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment equipment, has included the production of UF ultrafiltration in its activities. In order to use the advice of this team and also to buy different types of water purifiers, you can use the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

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