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Filter Drier (Suction Filter Drier)

Filter Drier (Suction Filter Drier)

Suction filter drier is one of the essential tools in refrigeration systems, which prevents chemical reaction by absorbing moisture and removing foreign substances and protects the refrigeration system. These filters, which are installed after the receiver and before the expansion valve, are capable of absorbing acid and solid particles and greatly increase the efficiency of refrigeration systems. Seven Industrial Group is a manufacturer of various types of Filter Drier with different sizes, which considers various standards in its design, production and construction. In order to get acquainted with the features used in this type of filter, the working method and its different types and the price of filter drier, we will provide a comprehensive guide in the following.

What is a filter drier?

·        Filter Drier is one of the most common types of filters in air conditioning and cooling systems, whose main task is to remove dust, fine and coarse solids, oil, moisture and acid from the refrigerant. The most important functions of these filters are:

·        Remove moisture and prevent water droplets from freezing at the outlet of the expansion valve and evaporator

·        Removal of fine and coarse solid particles and oxides such as copper, iron, brass and aluminum to prevent damage to the inner wall of the cylinders

·        Removal of oil decomposition materials that eventually lead to oil blackening in refrigeration and chiller systems

How the filter drier works

As mentioned, the purpose of placing suction filter driers in refrigeration systems is to remove and absorb moisture, solids and acids. The following procedures and steps are designed to achieve this goal after placing the filter in the refrigeration system:

·        The filter is installed after the receiver and before the expansion valve.

·        Refrigerant and fluid entering the filter will first pass through a coarse-grained mesh and larger solids will not be able to enter the next step.

·        After removing large solids, the fluid is removed from the dehumidifier

·        In the last step, the fluid passes through a finer grid without moisture and coarse solids. After passing through this type of mesh, fine materials are completely removed and damage to other parts of the refrigeration system is prevented.

In designing and manufacturing suction filter drier and in order to improve its efficiency, it is necessary to select its components correctly. The main components used in the manufacture of filter driers are:

Spring: The purpose of installing a spring in the overall structure of the drier is to prevent the constant movement of the filter. In other words, this type of spring eventually causes the filter to contract at its tolerance.

Felt: Felt fabrics are placed between the spring and the core to prevent damage to the core.

Core: One of the main components used in the filter structure, the purpose of which is to absorb moisture and refrigerant and prevent freezing in the expansion valve.

Lattice plate: These plates with small and large grains prevent the entry of solid particles into other parts of the refrigeration system.

Depending on the type of fluid and the amount of suspended solids and acidic substances in it, it is necessary to replace the filter. To replace this type of filter, you must first turn off the device and close the service valve. Finally, after pumping the device, open the filter drier cap and clean or replace the old filters. Finally close the lid and change the device settings to the initial state.

Types of filter driers

According to the installation method and work procedure and capabilities intended for suction filter drier, this type of filter can be divided into different groups, which are:

·        Liquid line filter drier

·        Two-way filter drier with the possibility of installation on both sides

·        Combined filter drier

·        Suction line filter drier

·        Two-way filter drier with one-way valve

Filter drier design

Seven Industrial Group, considering the very important role of suction filters in refrigeration and refrigeration systems and increasing their efficiency and longevity, has paid attention to several factors in designing this group of products, the most important of which are:

·        Minimum and maximum allowable temperature of fluid and refrigerant

·        Maximum allowable refrigerant pressure

·        Using steel to build the filter body and increase its resistance to corrosion and impact

·        Using dehumidifier, molecular non-ballast in the filter structure

·        Pay attention to vibration and impact resistance

Construction of filter drier

Seven Industrial Group, with the benefit of experienced engineers and technicians with experience in the production of water and wastewater treatment equipment and pressure vessels, has put the production and manufacture of filter driers in its set of activities. The filters produced by this collection are designed according to the type of order and the features of the refrigeration system. Due to the great variety of features used in each type of filter drier, the experts of Seven Industrial Group are ready to provide free advice before buying a filter drier.

Filter drier price

The price of filter drier is completely different depending on the type of filter, its size, dimensions and capabilities, and the type of body and the type of connections used in it. In other words, it is not possible to set a specific price for this equipment accurately and consistently. To inquire about the price of filter drier, you can use the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

The most important features of choosing the right filter drier

Due to the high variety of suction filter driers and the difference in the power of absorption of moisture and acidic and solid materials in different sizes, it is necessary to select the filters based on the type of hybrid system and the refrigerant and fluid conditions in it. To select a drier filter, you must select the appropriate option according to the markings on the side glass. Side glass, which actually shows the amount of moisture and refrigerant in the refrigeration and refrigeration system, after installation, shows the internal state of the system with several colors. So that the green color of this system indicates low humidity in the refrigerant and the yellow color is a sign that the humidity is high.

In addition, it should be noted that the presence of bubbles in the glass site indicates a high pressure drop, role in the subcool, low refrigerant charge. Accordingly, the filter can be selected according to the current conditions of the refrigeration system and the appropriate filter drier can be purchased.

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