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Chemical injection pump (dosing pump)

Chemical injection pump (dosing pump)

Dosing pump or chemical injection pump, also known as pump metering, has many applications in different industries and for different purposes. One of the main applications of dosing pumps or chemical pump is the injection of acidic, base and chlorine substances in swimming pools and equipment related to wastewater treatment. Haft Industrial Group; Manufacturer of high quality dosing pumps that has considered international standards in all stages of design, production and manufacture of chemical injection pumps. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide including the introduction of the metering pump, the price of the chemical injection pump, the working method and its applications.

What is a chemical injection pump?

Pumps that have the ability to inject different chemicals in a certain amount are called metering pumps or dosing pumps. These pumps are in the group of water treatment equipment and, for example, have the ability to inject chlorine into swimming pools. A very important issue in a chemical pump is the injection of acid, base and chlorine materials with a certain pressure and flow rate into the fluid and causes the amount of these materials to be injected accurately. Adjustable flow rate in pump metering provides conditions to prevent human error in determining the exact amount of chemicals required.

Types of chemical injection pumps

Dosing pump is divided into different groups according to the driving force required for energy supply and activity, which are:

Electric pump metering (electromotor)

As the name implies, this group of injection pumps is powered by electricity. The routine of these pumps is that electrical energy is transferred to the gearbox and eventually leads to the reciprocating motion of the shaft connected to the diaphragm. By performing a reciprocating operation, chemicals with a certain amount are injected.

Solenoid Injection Pump (Electromagnetic)

The energy required for the operation of this type of dosing pump is electromagnetic. In their structure, there is a magnet that has a magnetic field with the passage of electric current and finally causes the shaft to move to the right and left and the material is injected. It should be noted that this type of pump has a lower injection volume than electric pumps.

Pneumatic dosing pump

Pneumatic dosing is another common and practical type in various industries that operates with wind energy. Compressed air in the pump causes the shaft to move and perform the injection operation.

Of course, it should be noted that injection pumps can be divided into diaphragm, piston and peristaltic dosing pumps based on other factors, each of which is different in terms of structure and characteristics.

Design of chemical injection pump

In designing a chemical injection pump, it is necessary to pay attention to several important issues in order for the device to have proper efficiency and longevity. The most important points in dosing pump design are the following options:

The material used for components that come in contact with chemicals must be corrosion resistant. For example, for the wet part (parts related to chemicals), propylene, PVC and PVDF can be used.

Material flow rate and injection pressure should be adjustable according to the type of material and fluid conditions such as pH, etc. Dosing pumps often have the possibility of adjusting the flow mechanically and in some cases the required settings can be done manually.

Another very important factor in the design of a metering pump is the accuracy of the pump components. It should be noted that the components of pumps vary according to their type. As used in piston pumps, crankshaft, seal, outlet valve, inlet valve, piston and cylinder, and in the type of diaphragm, chamber, diaphragm, inlet and outlet valves, crankshaft and plunger. Accuracy in the quality of each of these parts and components has a direct impact on the life of the device and greatly increases efficiency.

Construction of chemical injection pumps

Haft Industrial Group, with more than 30 years of experience, is the oldest manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment, which in its set of activities, has produced and manufactured chemical injection pumps. It should be noted that all products in this collection in the design, production and construction stages under the supervision of engineers and professional experts in this field and in accordance with current world standards. Due to the very high variety of injection pumps, the experts of Haft Industrial Group are ready to provide the necessary advice before purchasing a dosing pump through the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Dosing pump price

The price of chemical injection pump is determined according to various factors such as the type of pump, their characteristics (how to adjust the flow and pressure, etc.), the material used for each of the pump components and their size. That is why there is so much variety in the price of a dosing pump. To inquire about the price of the chemical injection pump, all you have to do is contact the Haft Industrial Group through the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Application of dosing pump

·        In the water and wastewater treatment industry and other industries, for various reasons, there is a need to inject chemicals in certain sizes. As a result, the use of these pumps is very widespread and play an important role in the output quality of various industries. The most important applications of dosing pumps are:

·        Chlorine injection based on the pH of swimming pool water

·        Injection of chemicals to regulate the pH of the fluid in boilers and other treatment systems and to prevent corrosion in this equipment

·        Use of metering pumps in petrochemical industries such as injecting paint into gasoline

·        Application of chemical pump in food industries such as injection of concentrate into food, acid into beverage, etc.

·        Injection of various chemicals in the textile and paper industries

·        Use of metering pump in pharmacy

·        Disinfection of pipeline water by injection of whitex and other chemicals

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