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Water control gate

Water control gate

A water control gate is a movable plate that is used to open or block the inlet or outlet of water and sewage tanks and channels. These products, which are known in two categories of sliding and floodgate, are widely used in the wastewater treatment industry and can be used in various environments. Seven Industrial Group; The manufacturer of the water control gate (four-sided seal valve, three-side seal valve and water shut-off valve) will have a comprehensive look at these products and how to design and manufacture the water control gate.

What is a water control gate?

One of the biggest problems in the field of water and sewage is wasting water by entering it too much into reservoirs and pools. For this purpose, a kind of rectangular, square and sometimes circular equipment called water control gate is installed at the entrance of water channels, which is adjusted to control the amount of incoming and outgoing water. These devices, regardless of whether they are floodgate or sluice gate, consist of a plate, frame or frame, plastic tape and Seven, which are responsible for raising or lowering the plate both manually and mechanically.

Types of water control gate

According to the type of function and appearance that is considered in the design of the water control gate, this group of water treatment equipment can be divided into several groups, the most important of which are:

Sluice gate

As the name implies, the sluice gate consists of a sliding plate that slides from top to bottom. This group of equipment can be used to control the amount of water entering the canals and in some cases can act as a drain valve for large water tanks. In general, these products include three sub-categories, all of which are designed and produced in Seven Industrial Group. These products include:

4-side seal Penstocks

The 4-side seal Penstocks is one of the most widely used products, which is considered as a drain valve for tanks and large water sources, and is used in the pipes of the pumping station. In the design and construction of this device, a completely stainless steel body is considered so that if it is completely immersed in water, it will not be damaged.

3-side seal Penstocks

The 3-side seal Penstocks is another product produced by Seven Industrial Group, which is used to control the amount of water entering the pool and aeration tanks. Like the 4-side seal Penstock, in the construction and design of the three-sided type, the body is considered completely stainless to increase its resistance to corrosion and decay.

Water shut-off valve

In many cases, sewage disposal equipment and pumping stations may need to change the water inlet path. In addition, in water treatment systems, for various reasons, it may be necessary to adjust the height of the fluid in the tanks and ponds and to determine the rate of water and fluid entry at a certain size. Water shut-off valve is one of the equipments that can be used in these conditions. This equipment is one of the subsets of sluice gates that has a movable plate with the possibility of vertical movement that blocks the water inlet path. Blocking the water inlet with a water shut-off valve may be done to repair pipes and sections of reservoirs in the fluid path and to transfer the water path in agricultural sectors.


Other types of these products include Floodgate. Floodgate is the equipment for controlling the water entering the canals, which moves from top to bottom. Using this valve, the height of water in canals and reservoirs as well as its flow can be measured. In the design and production of Floodgate, the body is considered completely insulated and is relatively cheap in terms of price. It should be noted that all of the above can be placed in the group of electrical (mechanical) and manual seals as needed. The mechanism and driving force required to move the valve is determined according to the type of water and sewage channel.

Application of water control gate

Water control gate can be used in different environments with completely different applications. Some of the options for using sluice and floodgates can be expressed as follows:

·        Measurement of water height and water flow in reservoirs and water sources

·        Use 4-side seal Penstocks as drain valves for large tanks

·        Disconnecting and changing the direction of incoming water to the canals in agricultural and waste collection systems, etc.

·        Use at the entrance of water and sewage canals

·        Use of mechanical 4-side seal Penstocks in the pipes of pumping stations

Water control gate design standards

In the design of mechanical and manual water control gate, various components are used in order to implement the water control system entering the canals. Among the standards and components required in the design of manual and electric water control, the following can be mentioned:

·        The movable plate of the valve is completely insulated and resistant to rot and corrosion due to contact with acidic wastewater made of carbon steel and stainless steel.

·        P-shaped sealing tape

·        Mold or frame made of carbon steel and resistant to impact and contact with acidic materials

·        Swivel to raise or lower the plate

·        Gearbox

·        Central sSeven

·        Bolts and fittings

Construction of Water control gate

Seven Industrial Group is one of the largest teams in the field of design and construction of electric and manual water control gate, which offers the production of these products under the supervision of professionals in the field of water and wastewater treatment. This group has observed all international standards in the manufacture of mechanical and manual products and has provided insulation and high resistance of products against corrosion and impact in all products. The experts of this group provide the necessary tips and advice before buying Water control gate and are ready to cooperate with refineries, factories and industrial and semi-industrial sectors and design and produce products according to their application.

Water control gate price

The price of Water control gate is determined according to their type (three sided, four sided, shut-off valve, flood and sluice gates), the material used in the construction of the plate and other parts and components of the valve and the dimensions and whether it is electric or manual the product. Due to the high diversity of products in Seven Industrial Group, we suggest that you use the communication channels at the bottom of the page to inquire about the price and stay in touch with the experts in this collection.

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