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Hot water boiler

Hot water boiler

Hot water boiler is one of the most important and main equipments used in central heating facilities, which has a very durable cast iron or steel tank and in terms of performance, there is a high diversity in them. These tanks are used to produce hot water not only in homes and residential buildings, but also in industry. Seven Industrial Group, a manufacturer of high quality central heating installations, will continue to introduce this product and will describe the features of its different types. In addition, it will examine important standards in design and construction as well as factors influencing the price of a hot water boiler.

What is a hot water boiler?

In the heating systems of residential buildings as well as various industries, water is used as a source of energy transfer, which plays an important and fundamental role in hot water boilers. A hot water boiler is a closed metal tank in which the water in it rises to 90 degrees Celsius with the help of energy from diesel or fuel oil. The water is then transferred to the pipes located in different parts of the building with the help of various equipments such as pumps and its heat is transferred to the heating systems and after cooling it is returned to the tank.

These tanks are divided into two general groups of hot water boilers and hot water according to the degree to which they increase the water temperature. So that in hot water boilers the water temperature will increase up to 90 and in hot water up to 100 degrees Celsius. One of the most important features of these boilers is that the water does not evaporate with increasing temperature to more than 100 degrees Celsius, because the space is completely closed and there is no possibility of evaporation for them.

Types of hot water boilers

Boilers used for heating systems and fan coils can be classified based on various factors. For example, these devices are divided into different groups based on the path that the combustion gases travel in the tank, including the following:

Single pass hot water boiler

In single-pass boilers, as their name implies, the gases from the combustion of diesel and other fuels will pass around the tank only once and will eventually be transferred out of the flue pipes. This model of boilers is very old and due to low efficiency is not widely used at present and their use is not economically justified.

Two-pass hot water boiler

In order to increase the efficiency of single-pass boilers, in later designs the piping and the internal structure of the boiler were changed in such a way that the gases inside the pipes were rotated twice around the tank and then out of the tank.

Reverse flame boiler

In general, the higher the number of times the gas circulates inside the pipe around the tank, the higher the efficiency of the boiler. In reverse flame boiler, the design is such that after turning the gas inside the pipes twice around the tank, it hits the end of the boiler and due to its convex structure, it is returned and after reaching the starting point of the tank, finally They are directed towards the chimney.

Three-pass hot water boiler

In another type of these tanks, it is designed in such a way that the gases inside the pipe move around the tank three times and then come out of it. In a general comparison, we can say that three-pass tanks have the highest efficiency compared to single, two and reverse type.

Water tube boiler

As mentioned, the operation of hot water boilers is such that due to the heat generated by the fuel, the water inside the tank will increase in temperature and will be transferred to the heating system. In some boilers, water is placed inside very strong pipes and the gases created by the fuel are around it, and through this, the water temperature inside the pipes is increased. This group of hot water boilers is called water tube.

Fire tube hot water boiler

Fire tube boilers have a water tube type photo function; So that hot gases are placed inside the pipes and water moves around the pipe and its temperature increases.

In addition to the above categories, they can also be divided into the following two general groups based on the material used for the tank body:

·        Steel hot water boiler

·        Cast iron hot water boiler

Cast iron boilers are cheaper and easier to transport and install than steel ones.

Hot water boiler components

Depending on the type of tanks and how they work, different components are used in them. The main components of boilers are metal tank and resistant to impact and temperature fluctuations, which can be installed horizontally or vertically. In addition, very durable metal pipes are used to transfer gases with very high temperatures in them. Front and rear doors, chimneys, pressure gauges, thermometers, as well as furnaces and manhole and hand hole valves and tube sheets are other components used in hot water boilers, which must all be designed according to standards and installed in the right place.

Hot water boiler price

The price of a hot water boiler, like other equipment and facilities, is determined based on various factors, the most important of which are the materials used to build the tank. In addition, the capacity of the tank and its type (single pass, two pass, reverse and three pass) and the material of its internal components can all have a great impact on the price. Due to the different prices in different boilers and the fluctuations in the price of metals, we suggest that you contact the experts of this group to inquire about the price of boilers produced by Seven Industrial Group.

Design and manufacture of hot water boilers

The design and construction of hot water boilers is very sensitive and not paying attention to the standards in different stages of production can cause irreparable human and financial losses. This equipment must be designed and manufactured in accordance with National Standard 7911, BS2790 and EN-BS12953. Seven Industrial Group is one of the teams with experience in the field of production and construction of various types of central heating installations, which produce fully customized boilers that are suitable for the conditions of the installation environment. For more information about these products and to receive advice before ordering and purchasing a hot water boiler, you can contact the experts of Seven Industrial Group.

Application of hot water boiler

It can be said that in any environment where central heating facilities are required, hot water boilers have a high application and their main uses include the following options:

·        Central heating of residential complexes

·        Power plants and refineries

·        Ships

·        Locomotives

·        Production of hot water for heating systems of hospitals, hotels and large restaurants

·        Production of hot water in large organizations and office and commercial buildings

·        Military centers

·        gyms

·        Water parks

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