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Chlorine Capsule Safety Kit

Chlorine Capsule Safety Kit

Considering the importance and necessity of gas leakage skill from chlorine gas cylinder, this company has designed the latest safety kit with 14 bar working pressure to deal with gas leakage from different points of chlorine gas capsules.

In case of leakage from the opening of the valve, the prevention part, which has a conical appendage, is placed in the opening of the valve, and then the smooth part is placed behind the valve, and after tightening the lever, the valve can be restrained.

When chlorine leaks from around the valve, by using a gear cap and twisting it on the gear of the upper part of the cylinder and putting the gasket on the body, the sealing operation is done, and the valve on the cap can be used to use the gas inside the cylinder.

When the gas leak is not stopped even by tightening the valve, the clamp is used so that the conical part of the valve is placed in the opening of the valve and the seat of the flat is behind the valve, and after turning the handle of the clamp, the sealing operation is done.

It consists of two upper and lower parts, the height of which can be changed according to the height of the cylinder by the pins on the body. and used the valve on the cap to use the gas inside the cylinder

When a gear cap cannot be used due to the loss of the upper part of the cylinder, a chain cap must be used, so that after putting the cylinder inside the special plate and putting the cap on the upper part of the cylinder, and as a result, connecting the chains of the plate to the hook Hi-don gripper on the cap and turning this lever on the cap can stop the leakage of chlorine gas

When there is a leak in the body of the chlorine gas cylinder, after placing the belt on it and adjusting the length of the chain around the body and hooking it in the hook on the nut, then turning the lever and tightening the belt on the body, the chlorine gas leak is stopped.

When there is an uncontrollable leakage from the juice or the front flanges of the cylinder, this cap is used by putting the cap in the front of the cylinder and by restraining the hooks of the chains on the grooves of the front guard and tightening the lever of the cap by the O-ring around the flange. He sits down and the operation of fixing the leak is done

In case of leakage from any From the lens behind the one-ton cylinder, we place the belt on that point and after fixing the hooks at the end of the chains in the grooves of the lens protector, we adjust the length of the chains using the hooks on the belt nut, and then by tightening the lever on the screw The belt is used to prevent leakage

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