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Liquid Chlorine

Liquid Chlorine

Liquid chlorine or sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) is one of the chemical compounds with very high disinfection power, which has a pungent smell and is yellow in color. The combination of this substance with water leads to the production of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite and performs the disinfection and decontamination process in water purification. safe comfort; The provider of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will continue to introduce the complete liquid chlorine or chlorinated water and will refer to things such as the production process, features, as well as the price and how to buy it.

What is liquid chlorine?

Chlorine is the 17th element of the periodic table, which has an atomic number of 7 and is known as Cl, and it exists mostly in the form of chloride salts. One of the most important features of this element is its yellow color and pungent smell. One of the most important and widely used compounds of chlorine is sodium hypochlorite or liquid chlorine, which has a high power in eliminating odors and disinfection. NaOCl or sodium hypochlorite, which is also known as Javel water and antiformin, was first produced by Berthollet, a French scientist, in 1785.

The composition of Javel water or liquid chlorine, which was first introduced by Javel company, was first used for bleaching cotton, and gradually it was used for disinfecting water and surfaces as well as removing odors.

How to produce liquid chlorine or sodium hypochlorite

The production of liquid chlorine is done in different ways, the most important of which is blowing chlorine gas into a solution of caustic soda or NaOH. A very important point in the process of sodium hypochlorite water production is to carry out reactions in PVC pipes. Note that chlorine has high corrosive properties, and for this reason, it is necessary to use this compound in laboratory environments and to observe safety principles.

In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness as a result of the reaction of chlorine and caustic soda solution, it is necessary to have a cold environment. In general, the reaction starts at 20°C and ends at 42°C. Finally, after providing suitable environmental and temperature conditions and injecting enough chlorine as determined by ORP, the following reaction takes place:

Cl2 + NaOH —-> NaClO + NaCl + H2O


As mentioned, the main method for producing liquid chlorine is the combination of chlorine and caustic soda solution, but this result can also be achieved with the electrolysis of salt water. Note, of course, that in the process of producing javel water, hydrogen gas will also be produced in this way, which is explosive.

The combination of sodium bicarbonate and calcium hypochlorite is also used to produce sodium hypochlorite. As a result of the combination of these two, the following reaction will take place:

Na2CO3 + Ca(OCl)2 —-> 2NaOCl + CaCO3


Features of liquid chlorine

Sodium hypochlorite, like other compounds obtained from chlorine, has different physical and chemical characteristics, which lack of knowledge can bring many risks. Among the features of liquid chlorine, the following options can be mentioned:


As a result of liquid chlorine entering water, hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite are formed. Hypochlorous acid is also converted into oxygen and hydrochloric acid, which have high oxidizing and disinfecting properties.

The contact of liquid chlorine with light and heat leads to its evaporation and disappearance.

Salt water or sodium hypochlorite has a very unpleasant smell and has a high corrosive power.

The oxidizing power of liquid chlorine is high and for this reason it causes irritation in contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with hands or eyes, wash quickly.

Javal juice leads to suffocation and therefore should not be used in closed environments.

The combination of liquid chlorine and ammonia leads to the production of dangerous suffocating gases.

Eating sodium hypochlorite is very dangerous and the person should be transferred to medical centers immediately.

Application of liquid chlorine in water purification

Due to its bleaching, disinfecting, deodorizing and deodorizing power of water (liquid chlorine), it can be used in various industries and environments. In addition to the application of these compounds in the industry of mushroom production and food processing, as well as refining petroleum products and washing surfaces, their main application is in water and wastewater treatment. The presence of very small bacteria and fungi that can cause skin, respiratory and digestive diseases is one of the concerns in the water treatment industry as well as swimming pool water. For this purpose, sodium hypochlorite can be used in the right amount and according to the amount of water in the pond.

A very important point is that hand contact with liquid chlorine leads to skin sensitivities and burning and itching, for this reason, you can use a chlorination package.

Application of sodium hypochlorite in wastewater treatment

Among the other important and main uses of these compounds, we can mention the elimination of unpleasant odors from wells and sewage treatment ponds. Sodium hypochlorite has a very high power in killing bacteria and fungi, and due to disinfection, it can eliminate the bad smell in sewage wells to a great extent.

The price of liquid chlorine or soft water

The price of liquid chlorine is determined according to its degree of purity or activeness. In normal condition, the degree of purity of these materials is 15 to 19 and their disinfection power is different. To inquire about the daily price of liquid chlorine, you can contact the experts of Ayman Ayman.

Buy liquid chlorine

Asaish Afza Ayman is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of high purity liquid chlorine in bulk. To learn more about the features of these products, the active level, etc., the experts of Asaish Afza Ayman Group offer a free consultation before purchasing liquid chlorine.

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