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Biocides or biocides are a group of chemicals based on peroxyacetic acid or isothiazolines that have a very high effect in targeting and destroying aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms in water and the oil and gas extraction industry. These materials are produced from different compounds according to their application and act as a bactericidal, antiseptic and even strong anti-sediment material in various industries. Ayman Comfort Group; The provider of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will continue to introduce different types of these biocidal and bactericidal materials and will review their use in water purification, cooling and disinfection systems of swimming pools, and will explain the price and how to buy.

What is a biocide?

Aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms in water are very useful in the process of biological purification and lead to the destruction of organic compounds. But after the completion of the biological treatment process, due to the negative effects of the presence of a large amount of microorganisms in the water and the damages it causes in the facilities and also leads to the occurrence of various diseases, it is necessary to destroy them in different ways. One of the most practical methods is the use of bactericidal or biocidal substances called biocides, which are used not only in water treatment, but also in various industries, including oil and gas extraction. These chemical substances have a high diversity and are produced based on glutaralides, dimethylbenzoalkonium chloride, hydroquinone and abjaul, as well as dibromonitrilopropinamides.

A very important issue is that, not paying attention to the amount of microorganisms in water and oil and gas extraction environments, over time, by converting sulfate to sulfide, they severely damage the facilities and cause corrosion. In addition, they severely reduce the quality of extracted oil. Microorganisms cause serious damage to the membranes in the equipment needed for water desalination and purification. For this reason, by using biocides, efforts are made to reduce the effects of bacteria/fungi and algae.

Types of biocides

Biocidal and bactericidal chemicals can be grouped based on various factors, the most important of which is the type of effects these substances have after entering water. Based on this, types of biocides can be divided into the following two groups:

Oxidizing biocide

It is called a group of chemicals that are oxidized after entering the water and lead to the destruction of microorganisms. This group of substances actually destroys the nutrients required by microorganisms in the environment and causes them to perish. Chlorine, bromine, ozone, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide are among the oxidizing biocide materials that are widely used in the purification and disinfection of swimming pools. Due to the high oxidizing properties of this group of biocide materials, it is necessary to pay attention to their injected amount because they lead to corrosion in facilities.

Non-oxidizing biocide

Another group of bactericidal materials, which often have the basis of glutaraldehydes and formaldehydes, which do not cause water corrosion. In order to destroy microorganisms, this group of substances will eventually cause their destruction by dissolving the fat cell membrane of microorganisms.

How the biocide works

Biocides use different methods to destroy microorganisms, and according to the composition of these substances, the way each one works will be different. For example, some of these non-oxidizing bactericides, such as glutaraldehydes, create external binding to the cellular structure of microorganisms. In another group, they may be connected to cell organs, and in some, they will be connected to the cell membrane. Based on these connections, the metabolic activity of aerobic or anaerobic microorganisms is stopped and the thiol proteins in them are destroyed and free radicals are produced. As a result of these activities, the death of the microorganism occurs and biocide, disinfection and bactericidal action are performed.

Biocide user in water treatment

The growth and proliferation of various microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae in swimming pools as well as drinking water treatment ponds brings many problems, the most important of which is the occurrence of digestive, skin and respiratory diseases. It should also be noted that due to the changes made by microorganisms in the existing conditions in cooling systems, the amount of sediment created on these facilities will increase. For this purpose, non-oxidizing biocides are used to prevent the formation of deposits by microorganisms. For this reason, various disinfectants and bactericides are used in the chemical treatment of water and wastewater. Among the uses of these materials, the following options can be mentioned:

Application of biocide in reverse osmosis

Many bacteria in the water lead to a decrease in the pH value, and due to the occurrence of hydrolysis, the membrane or membranes in reverse osmosis systems are gradually destroyed. In industrial desalination systems, the members play a vital role and damage to them leads to a decrease in efficiency as well as the quality of the water coming out of them. Among the applications of biocides, we can mention their use in reverse osmosis devices, which are injected in different time intervals according to the type and amount of microorganisms in the water.

Application of biocides in swimming pool water purification

Other very useful uses of biocides include purifying and disinfecting water in swimming pools. In order to prevent the growth and proliferation of microorganisms in the pool water, which eventually lead to skin diseases and also change the color of the water, oxidizing bactericides such as chlorine and ozone are used. The required amount of these materials for injection is first measured based on various factors including the pH of the water.

The price of biocide

As mentioned throughout the text, biocides have a high variety and the compounds used in them are different according to the type of use. Based on this, the price of biocide is also different, as well as the manufacturer’s brand and whether they are domestic or imported are completely different due to currency fluctuations. You can contact Asaish Afza Ayman experts to inquire about the price.


Buy biocide

With more than thirty years of experience in the field of equipment and materials needed for water and wastewater treatment, Asaysafza Ayman has provided the possibility of purchasing oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides with different compounds. It should also be noted that the experts of this collection will provide free advice before purchasing and will fully explain the features and the required amount of these materials.

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