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Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda

Caustic soda, which is also known by other names such as caustic soda, baking soda, and sodium hydroxide, is one of the ionic compounds with very high alkalinity. This mineral and chemical substance has the formula NaOH and is used in various industries due to its unique chemical properties and very high absorption power of moisture and carbon dioxide. safe comfort; The provider of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will continue to introduce caustic soda and describe its features, application, as well as its price and how to buy it.

What is caustic soda or baking soda?

Sodium hydroxide is one of the most useful ionic compounds that is used in various industries, including water treatment, as well as detergent and soap factories. These compounds are available in liquid and solid forms and filled sheets in the market and their color is white. As it is clear from the name of this material, it has a very high opening effect and leads to chemical burns on the skin. Baking soda is known by other names such as caustic soda, caustic soda and sodium hydroxide and has a very high dissolution power in water.

These materials are used in various industries, including paper making, cardboard and paper production, oil industries and refineries, food industries, alcohol production, aluminum, glass and water purification industries.

Physical and chemical properties of Sod Perak

The following are the most important features of caustic soda:

Bark soda has a high alkaline property and for this reason it can be used as a pH regulator.

These compounds lead to burns in contact with the skin and blindness in contact with the eyes. In case of skin contact with these substances, it is necessary to wash the skin for at least ten to 20 minutes.

Caustic soda in the form of flakes has a melting temperature of 1390 degrees Celsius and its density is 2.13 grams per cubic centimeter.
The color of these materials in solid state is white.

Sood Perak has a very high ability to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide, and for this reason, it should be placed in completely resistant packaging.

Sood Perak is odorless and when it enters the water, it leads to an increase in its temperature.



How to prepare caustic soda or caustic soda

Due to the huge use of these alkaline materials, there are different methods for its production, the most common of which are the following two:

Preparation of caustic soda by electrolysis: the most common method used in the industry to produce caustic soda is electrolysis of sodium chloride.

Production of caustic soda with soda and sodium carbonate: due to the combination of soda and sodium carbonate, the following relationship occurs and the output will be baking soda:


Ca(OH)2 + Na2CO3 → CaCO3 + 2 NaOH



Application of caustic soda or caustic soda in water purification

One of the very important applications of these alkaline materials is in water purification, which is used to adjust the pH of these compounds to reduce the corrosiveness of water. One of the most important steps in water purification is chlorination, which is used to disinfect and eliminate bacteria and pathogens. After the chlorination stage, the pH of the water changes and its alkalinity increases, causing the pipes and facilities to corrode. For this reason, caustic soda or baking soda is used to adjust the pH of the water in this step.

A very important point in the use of caustic soda in the purification of drinking water is to measure the amount of caustic soda after the purification stage and before its consumption. The excessive increase of these substances in water leads to the occurrence of many diseases in humans and causes serious damage to the skin.


Considering that caustic soda has a very high corrosive power, for this reason it should be injected into water wells or treatment ponds by special pumps, and hand and eye contact with them should be avoided.

Application of Perak profit in textile industries

Because of its very strong alkaline properties, it is used in textiles and its high degreasing power. The use of cotton wool in textile is mostly to improve dyeing and also fiber production. The fat in the dyeing process leads to a decrease in its quality and transparency, and for this reason, it must be removed with various substances, including sodium hydroxide. It should also be mentioned that these materials are also used in the de-scaling of sheep’s wool and the production of high-quality fibers.


Application of perak soda in aluminum production

In the aluminum production process, removing impurities from bauxite is very important, and the more accurately this step is done, the better the final product will be. One of the applications of perak soda in aluminum production is the removal of impurities in bauxite, which is done at a high speed. Sodium hydroxide removes silicon and aluminum oxide present in bauxite minerals at a very high speed and therefore increases the quality.




The use of Perak soda in fat removal

Caustic soda or baking soda is one of the strongest alkaline substances that has a high power in removing fats. After coming into contact with moisture, the soda ash turns into NA and OH and produces a lot of heat. This heat causes the fat to melt. For this reason, these materials are used in various industries. The use of fat perk in degreasing machines in the food industry, slaughterhouses, and dairy industries is high and not only increases the speed of work, but is also economical.


Application of perak profit in paper industry

The degreasing property of caustic soda has a great effect on the removal of impurities in paper pulp and will lead to the production of high-quality products. It should also be noted that these materials lead to the removal of impurities and finally white and high-quality paper will be produced. The main reason for the use of soda ash in the paper industry is to remove wood chips and very fine wood particles in the primary paper pulp.


Application of Perak juice in the production of food and juice

Other uses of caustic soda include improving the quality of food and fruit juice. Due to their very high degreasing power, these materials will remove impurities in the production process of each food and lead to improved taste, color and aroma. In addition, in the process of producing juices, the pH is well adjusted with them and prevents them from becoming acidic. Among other cases of the use of perak soda in the food industry, we can mention the sweetening of olives, the removal of fungi and mold, the washing of devices and equipment, and the separation of fruit and potato skins, etc. in canning and the production of chips.


The price of caustic soda (baking soda – caustic soda)

As mentioned, these materials are available in solid and liquid form in the market and their degree of purity is also different. The price of caustic soda is determined according to the degree of purity and whether they are liquid or powder. To inquire about the price of caustic soda or perak soda, you can contact Asaish Afza Ayman experts.


Buy caustic soda

Caustic soda is one of the most useful materials in the field of water purification and it cannot be removed from this industry, and in addition, it is also used as a very strong grease remover. Due to the wide use of these materials, Asaish Afza Ayman has made it possible to buy caustic soda (baking soda – caustic soda) with a high degree of purity in liquid and solid form. To get more information about the characteristics of these materials, you can use free advice from the sales experts of Asaish Afza Ayman before buying caustic soda.


Sud Perak brands

The collection of brands that produce all kinds of Sood Perak that Asaysafza Ayman supports its products include the following:


Permanent turbine perk profit

The Green Turbin Mandagh brand is one of the most reliable names in Iranian manufacturers of baking soda or caustic soda, which offers products with a purity of 98%. The products of this brand have been exported to other countries due to their high quality and degree of purity, and you can buy them wholesale and retail safely.


The benefit of perk niro chlorine

Perk Niro Chlor soda or solid soda, which are offered in 25 kg bags, is another example of reliable and quality products produced in Iran. These products compete with foreign samples due to their high quality and are used in various industries. You can buy Sood Perak Niro Klor online or order by phone from Asaish Afza Ayman and have it delivered anywhere in Iran.

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