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Chlorine Gas

Chlorine Gas

Chlorine gas is one of the most widely used gases in the industry, which is used in various industries due to its high oxidizing properties and high bleaching power. This gas, which has a very pungent and irritating smell, has a negative effect on the lungs, and its use should only be done with standard equipment. safe comfort; The provider of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will refer to the introduction of chlorine gas and its production methods, as well as its use in water and wastewater treatment, its price and how to buy it.

What is chlorine gas?

Chlorine is the 17th chemical element in the periodic table, which is almost 2.5 times heavier than air and has a very high oxidizing effect. This green gas has a yellow color and has a very unpleasant smell, and for this reason it has a high poisoning power. Due to its high bleaching properties, this gas is used in various industries, including pulp bleaching, as well as in textiles and pharmaceuticals.

Chlorine gas production method

Due to the huge use of this gas, it is produced in different ways in the chlorine gas industry. The following options can be mentioned among its production methods:

Production of chlorine gas by mercury cell electrolysis

In this method, titanium anodes are used on top of the liquid mercury cathode bed and sodium chloride or sodium chloride solution is placed in the middle part of these two tubes. Establishing an electric current causes chlorine to be released on the anode side. Of course, it should be noted that in this method, energy consumption is high and therefore it is not cost-effective.

Production of chlorine gas by diaphragm electrolysis

As a result of the electrolysis of the salt water solution, chlorine and sodium hydroxide are produced, and for this reason, asbestos sheets are used to prevent this problem from occurring. A very important point is that, not using the asbestos plate and the diaphragm intended to prevent the mixing of chlorine and sodium hydroxide, hydrogen gas and CL will be combined and lead to fire.

Production of chlorine gas by membrane electrolysis

Membrane electrolysis can be mentioned among the newest and most affordable methods for producing this gas. In this method, membranes are used that allow sodium to pass through and prevent CL from passing through. For this purpose, first, the anode and cathode parts are separated with the help of special membranes and the salt water solution will enter the anode. The solution in the anode section is decomposed into sodium and chlorine with the help of electric current, and sodium will easily pass through the membrane. Finally, the remaining chlorine in the anode section will be oxidized and turned into chlorine gas. This method is not economically viable due to the use of high concentration salt water solution and is not used in industry.

In all three methods above, the following reaction occurs:

2NaCl+ 2H2O —–> Cl2+ 2NaOH + H2



Appearance and chemical characteristics of chlorine gas

Among the appearance and chemical features of this gas, the following options can be mentioned:

CL gas is yellowish green.
This gas has a strong smell and leads to severe poisoning.
Entering gas into water leads to an increase in its alkalinity.
Due to the reaction of chlorine gas with organic substances, oil and solvents, it may lead to explosion.
This gas has very high bleaching and disinfection properties
The oxidizing power of this gas is 36 MV

As a result of the reaction of chlorine with the salts in the water, salt will be created and sediment will form on the bottom of the pool or its walls.

The introduction of chlorine gas into the air leads to severe pollution and has a great impact on the damage done to the ozone layer
Excessive use of this gas in the pool leads to skin allergies and asthma
Failure to adjust the gas concentration to a suitable and standard size can lead to dry skin, hair loss, and bronchitis

Excessive use of this gas in swimming pools and water treatment ponds leads to digestive diseases, nasal irritation, as well as runny nose, cough and lung damage.

Due to the many dangers that this gas brings, it is necessary to enter the purification pond or swimming pool using fully standard equipment and following safety principles.

Use of chlorine gas in water and wastewater treatment

In addition to the very high bleaching power of this gas, chlorine gas is used in the disinfection stage of sewage and water treatment. The very important difference of this gas compared to liquid and solid chlorine is the increase in the alkalinity of water, and it strongly leads to a decrease in pH. This is while solid and liquid chlorine acidifies the water environment and increases the pH.


According to the features and characteristics of this gas, it is necessary to use it in special and completely resistant and leak-free tanks and keep it in an environment away from light. In addition, impact to these tanks and capsules should be avoided because there will be a possibility of explosion.




The price of chlorine gas

The price of chlorine gas varies according to the size and capacity of the cylinder, and a fixed rate cannot be provided for it. To inquire about the price, you can contact the sales experts of Ayman Ayman.




Buying chlorine gas

Asaish Afza Ayman is one of the most reliable active teams in the field of providing equipment and chemicals needed for the water and wastewater treatment industry. This collection offers all kinds of liquid, solid and gas chlorine at a reasonable price and high purity in bulk. To get more information, you can use the free consultations provided by Asaish Afza Ayman experts before buying chlorine gas.

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