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White Alum

White Alum

Alum or aluminum sulfate (Al2(SO4)3), which is also known as alum, is one of the most useful aluminum salts, which is used in various industries, including water treatment, due to its high coagulation properties. Takes. Aluminum sulfate is normally in the form of white and transparent powder or crystals and is non-flammable and combustible. safe comfort; The provider of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will continue to introduce white alum and will refer to things such as the production method, structure and physical and chemical characteristics, application, standard, as well as the price and how to buy 17% aluminum sulfate.

What is white alum?

Aluminum, which is the third element in the table of chemical elements, is one of the most common elements on the planet, which is widely used in various industries. One of the most common salts of this chemical element is 17% aluminum sulfate powder or white alum, which is known as Al2(SO4)3. This chemical compound has a very high absorption power for water and in case of contact with water, its pH will reach about 2 and it will become very acidic. In other words, white alum is one of the acidic salts whose molecular mass is 342.131 grams per mole. In normal condition, aluminum sulfate can be seen in powder form as well as solid crystals, which of course will melt if heated up to 700 degrees Celsius.

Production method of aluminum sulfate 17%

The production of aluminum sulfate (Aluminum sulfate) or white alum can be done in different ways, the most common of which can be mentioned in the following two groups:

The production of white alum with the reaction of aluminum hydroxide and sulfuric acid, which takes place in tanks that are highly resistant to corrosive substances such as sulfuric acid. The production process in this way has several steps and after obtaining the combination of aluminum hydroxide and sulfuric acid, the resulting material is diluted with water. Finally, aluminum sulfate powder and crystals will be obtained by heating. In the following relation, the production method of alum or white alum is shown due to the combination of aluminum hydroxide and sulfuric acid:



In addition to the above method, this result can also be achieved by heating aluminum in sulfuric acid. In the following relation, the method of production with this method is presented:




What are the physical and chemical characteristics of aluminum sulfate or white alum?

According to the facts mentioned up to this part of the article, the physical and chemical characteristics of alum or alum can be expressed as follows:

This chemical composition has a very high stability in different environmental conditions and in contact with air. In order for alum to lose its crystallinity, it is necessary to heat it up to 250 degrees Celsius.

If alum is heated up to 700 degrees Celsius, it will become molten and aluminum oxide will be obtained from it.

Alum absorption property is very high and for this reason it is used as a strong coagulant in various industries.

Alum easily dissolves in water, but it is completely stable in contact with alcohol and will not dissolve.

The dissolution of aluminum sulfate powder in water leads to a decrease in its pH to 2 and an increase in its acidity.
As a result of the reaction of alum with sodium bicarbonate, foam used in fire fighting is obtained.

Liquid and powdered aluminum sulfate standard

Aluminum sulfate is widely used not only in the water and sewage treatment industry, but also in agriculture and food industry, etc. For this reason, the 3069 standard for aluminum sulfate has been presented and should be produced accordingly and have its characteristics. Accordingly, some of its standards are as follows:


The mass percentage of insoluble materials in alum is maximum 0.1
Ammonia nitrogen maximum 300 ppm
Iron maximum 4 and minimum 2 per unit
Manganese maximum 25 and minimum 15 per unit


Application of alum or aluminum sulfate in water purification

Due to the fact that alum or alum are very strong absorbers, for this reason they can be used in various industries, including water and sewage treatment, agriculture, dyeing, and fire fighting. Among the applications of this chemical compound in water and wastewater treatment, the following options can be mentioned:


What is the use of aluminum sulfate or white alum in wastewater treatment?

He pointed out that one of the important steps in wastewater and water treatment is the separation of solid and suspended particles in them, which greatly affects the quality of the treatment output. The use of coagulants is one of the practical methods that are used in this step and will lead to solid particles sticking together and settling on the bottom of the purification ponds. One of the effective coagulants in this field is aluminum sulfate.




Application of aluminum sulfate in the pool

Suspended and very small particles in swimming pools lead to skin diseases and endangering health. For this reason, coagulants such as alum or alum can be used for this purpose. Of course, the very important point is that aluminum sulfate becomes highly acidic when in contact with water and leads to skin irritation and sensitivity. For this reason, it is necessary to use other substances such as baking soda to reduce the acidity and increase the pH of the water.




Application of aluminum sulfate in agriculture

One of the main uses of aluminum sulfate in agriculture is that it provides the conditions for nutrients and water in the soil by the roots of plants. Note that these chemicals are not used as soil enhancers, but lead to improved absorption of materials in the soil through the roots. The lime in the soil prevents the absorption of these substances and by adding white alum or alum in the agricultural soil, the absorption can be done more easily.




The price of aluminum sulfate or white alum

Several factors play a role in determining the price of liquid and powder aluminum sulfate, the most important of which is their degree of purity. It should be noted that alums that have the highest degree of purity are mostly used for pharmaceuticals and have a higher price. For industrial parts, grade 2, whose degree of purity is a little lower than grade 1, is used in industry and is cheaper. Finally, the cheapest alum is used for laboratories and has a low degree of purity. To inquire about the price of aluminum sulfate or alum used for wastewater and water treatment, you can contact the experts of Ayman Ayman Group.




Buying aluminum sulfate (white alum or alum)

Asaish Afza Ayman, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of production of water and wastewater treatment industry equipment, has also provided the possibility of purchasing all kinds of chemicals used in this field. To get more information about the grade and degree of purity and the physical and chemical characteristics of aluminum sulfate provided by this group and other materials used in this field, you can use the free consultation before purchase provided by the experts of Asaish Afza Ayman.




Sale of liquid and powder aluminum sulfate

Due to the fact that Asaish Afza Ayman is one of the main suppliers of these materials, it has provided the possibility of wholesale and partial sales of aluminum sulfate. The products of this collection have quality assurance and are sent all over Iran and cover different brands. Due to the differences in the degree of purity of the products offered by Iranian and foreign brands, Asaish Afza Ayman experts offer free advice to all customers in the process of selling liquid and powdered aluminum sulfate or white alum.

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