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Diclear Acid

Diclear Acid

Descaler acid or descaler is a chemical solution that has the power to dissolve materials deposited on the walls and equipment of heating and cooling systems and heat exchangers. These materials have a high impact on increasing their efficiency and effectiveness due to the removal of deposited salts on the equipment of steam boilers and industrial facilities and dissolves sediments in water in a short period of time without corrosion. safe comfort; The provider of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will continue to introduce these descaling materials and explain their formula and composition, as well as how to use diclear acid and its application, price and important points in its purchase.

What is Diclear Acid?

In shell and tube heat exchanger, coil source, cooling and heating systems and many industrial equipment, the use of water is very important, but the presence of calcium and magnesium salts and salts in it brings many problems. After increasing the temperature of the water, these salts settle on the wall of the facilities and pipes and gradually create deposits. A lot of sediment on the pipes and installations of steam boilers, boilers and heat exchangers will eventually cause problems such as clogging of pipes, cracks and also reducing the efficiency of the device. For this reason, it is necessary to overcome this problem in different ways, including the use of anti-fouling or anti-scalant materials, as well as anti-fouling materials or dechlorinating acid.

Descaling materials or descaler acid, which are also known by other letters such as declarer and declarer, have a base of mineral acids (inhibited acid) and protective materials (inhibitor). These materials, in contact with sediments created on different surfaces, cause them to dissolve in water. Of course, it should be noted that in some types of these descaling materials, surfactants are also used in order to increase the descaling power.

Descaler or descaler materials, if they have a good quality, will make the descaling operation to be carried out without the need for thermal energy. In addition, it will completely clean the internal parts of installations with plastic and metal bodies without causing corrosion and damage to them. These materials are odorless and do not cause pollution to the environment and can greatly increase the lifespan of industrial equipment and their efficiency.

The formula of declarative or descaling acid

In order to prepare materials that can remove various deposits created on metal and plastic surfaces, in such a way that corrosion does not occur and unpleasant odors do not spread in the environment, materials based on hydrochloric acid are used. In addition, mineral acid is used as a protective material that prevents corrosion of surfaces and the creation of holes and cracks in facilities. As mentioned at the beginning of the text, various wetting agents are also used to increase the power of dissolving sediments in water.



The use of dichloric acid

In various industries, the use of steam boilers and boilers, heating and cooling systems, as well as central heating facilities are widely used, and the basis of their performance is based on the use of high-temperature water. Due to the fact that the level of solutes and salts of calcium, magnesium and various metals in water is very high, for this reason sediment is formed in the facilities over time. The main application of dechlorinating acid is descaling of industrial facilities and heat exchangers, most of which are made of metal. These descaling materials will create a layer on metal and plastic surfaces and will prevent them from being corroded by dechlorinating acid.

How to use declarative acid or descaling agent

The structure of heating and cooling systems, steam boilers and other industrial facilities is designed in such a way that water passes through different pipes and leads to sedimentation. The way to use declarant acid is that this substance is introduced into the water tank in the form of powder or liquid and dissolves the sediments formed on them by passing through the pipes and facilities.


One of the signs of the reaction of these substances with sediments is the change in the color of the water, which first becomes milky or white, and gradually, after the sediments are completely dissolved, the water will become completely transparent. Note that the lack of clarity of water after the completion of the reaction of discolor acid with sediments will mean the low quality of these materials.




The price of Diclear acid

Several factors play a role in determining the price of descaling acid, the most important of which is the type of material used to prepare the descaling agent. These materials may be domestic or foreign chemicals according to the formula used by the manufacturer, which will be completely different in terms of price. To inquire about the price of declarative acid or odorless descaling agent, you can contact the experts of Ayman Ayman.


Buy Diclear acid

When buying anti-scaling materials or acid declarants, it is necessary to pay attention to its characteristics and make sure to choose and buy materials that are anti-corrosive and do not have an unpleasant smell. In addition, the amount required for the desired environment must be selected according to the type of facilities and equipment in the environment, as well as the salts in the water and sediments formed on the surfaces. Asaish Afza Ayman experts offer free advice before buying declarative acid and anti-scaling materials.

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