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Boiler Antifouling Materials (DM)

Boiler Antifouling Materials (DM)

DM boiler anti-fouling materials are chemical substances that are used to prevent or remove deposited layers on boiler facilities and steam boilers. These materials work in different ways, such as removing oxygen in water, flocculating suspended particles in water, and breaking up deposited crystals, to increase the efficiency of boilers and boilers and prevent energy wastage. safe comfort; The provider of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will continue to introduce DM descaling materials and describe their different types and will review the price and important issues in buying DM boiler descaling agents.

What is DM boiler antifouling material?

Waters used in industrial and drinking environments contain high levels of sodium, calcium, magnesium, and the like, despite water purification in different ways. These materials gradually turn into crystals due to heating and are deposited on the walls of heating systems such as steam boilers and boilers. Creating layers of sediment on pipes and boilers not only reduces their efficiency, but also causes corrosion and small holes. DM boiler antifouling materials are called chemicals that are produced on the basis of phosphates and reduce the effects of sedimentable solutes in different ways.

Among the most important reasons for using DM boiler antifouling materials, the following options can be mentioned:

The formation of sediment layers on the boiler wall and pipes reduces the temperature exchange and requires more heating to keep the boiler’s performance stable. Because of this, the lifetime of pipes and network facilities will decrease.

Reducing the temperature exchange in pipes with deposits increases energy consumption for heating and increases the temperature of the boiler.

The oxygen in the water leads to the corrosion of the metal surfaces, and the sediments attached to the pipes and walls of the boiler lead to holes in them, which increases the possibility of explosion and bursting.

Failure to use steam boiler descaler leads to clogging of inlet and outlet valves and water transfer paths.


All kinds of other anti-fouling materials, DM steam

Due to the negative effects of sediments as well as oxygen in water, there are different types of anti-scaling materials for steam boilers and boilers, which can be classified into the following groups:

Oxygen absorbers in water in order to reduce the effect of corrosion in boilers and steam boilers
Anti-fouling agents that change the shape of crystals and prevent them from sticking together and forming deposits.
Substances that dissolve and separate sediments formed on the pipes and wall of the boiler
Descaler and PH level regulator for boilers and boilers

How DM boiler antifouling works

As mentioned, DM boiler and steam boiler anti-fouling materials have different types, each of them tries in different ways to reduce or eliminate the effects of the solutes in the water and the sediments created in the boiler. In general, the performance of these materials will be in three ways, which are:

Flocculation of solutes and suspended particles in water and their settling on the bottom of the boiler and extraction of the created sludge
Another group of these materials gradually turns the sediments created on the pipe and boiler into a porous form and separates them.

Corrosion of surfaces is prevented by adjusting the pH of water to a standard size.
Other types of these materials include oxygen absorbers. These materials reduce the negative effects of oxygen in water that leads to surface corrosion.

Ways to increase the efficiency of DM antifouling materials

Despite the proper efficiency of these materials in removing sediments created in steam boilers and also preventing sedimentation of these equipments, environmental conditions, temperature, pH, etc. can affect their efficiency. For example, not adjusting the pH of the water at the standard level is one of the things that have a great impact on the efficiency of DM anti-fouling materials in the boiler. In the best case, the pH should be adjusted to 10, so that descaling can be done in the best way.

It is also necessary to mention that the amount of calcium in the water should be reduced before injecting DM boiler anti-fouling agents, because it destroys the effect of these agents to a large extent. According to a standard, anti-sediment materials are used only for distilled water that does not contain calcium.

Another very important thing to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of these materials is the amount of anti-fouling DM of the boiler. This amount is measured based on various factors and in most cases 4 liters of this material is used per cubic meter.

The price of anti-fouling materials for boiler DM

The price of DM antifouling materials is determined based on the type and characteristics of these materials and their degree of purity. Due to the high variety in these materials and the differences in the characteristics of each one, you can contact the experts of Asaysafza Ayman to inquire about the price.


Purchase of DM boiler antifouling materials

Asaish Afza Ayman is one of the largest active teams in the field of providing water and wastewater treatment chemicals, which sells all kinds of high-quality DM anti-fouling materials in bulk. In order to get more information about the characteristics of each of these materials, you can use the free consultations provided by Asaish Afza Ayman experts before purchasing DM boiler antifouling materials.

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