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Liquid soda storage tank

Liquid soda storage tank

Liquid soda storage tank or metal and polyethylene soda storage tank is one of the most important equipments in different industries due to the very high corrosive power of these chemicals. In addition, sodium hydroxide, which is the most useful liquid soda, is widely used in various industries and its temperature sensitivity provides conditions for the design and production of soda storage tank based on scientific standards. Haft Industrial Group is a manufacturer of material storage tank (sodium hydroxide tank) which has used stainless steel in the design, production and construction of these tanks. In the following, we will introduce the important features of these products, such as the important standards in the design of the liquid soda storage source, the price of the metal soda storage tank, and its applications.

What is a liquid soda storage tank?

Liquid soda is widely used in steel and aluminum, oil and petrochemical industries and many paper mills, etc. Due to the very high sensitivity of these materials to temperature and their high corrosive power, it is necessary to design resistant tanks to maintain them. Liquid soda storage tank, also known as sodium hydroxide storage tank, is produced in two types of polyethylene and metal, each of which can be a suitable option for storing these materials in different conditions. These tanks are designed and manufactured in different sizes according to the amount of soda required in the industry and environmental condition.

Types of sodium hydroxide storage tank

Liquid soda storage tanks are generally divided into two groups based on alloys and materials used to produce them: polyethylene tanks and metal soda storage tanks. Due to the very high corrosive power of liquid soda, it is necessary to choose durable alloys for their production and that is why in large industries, metal tanks are often used. Of course, it should be noted that the metal soda storage tank cannot be made of aluminum and iron because it reacts strongly in contact with alkalis and rust occurs in the tank body. Stainless steel is one of the best choices for these products, which is highly resistant to corrosion as well as temperature rise and impact.

Design of soda steel tank

In designing the soda tank, several very important points should be considered so that cracks and corrosion do not occur in the tank over time and do not carry the next risks. The most important things to consider when designing a liquid soda tank are:

High corrosion resistance of the tank body

In general, stainless steel 304 and 316 have good resistance to corrosion with alkaline and acidic materials and can be used in the design and construction of these tanks. Of course, it should be noted that to increase the resistance of the tank against corrosion of materials, it is better to use 316 stainless steel so that the tank has the highest quality.

Temperature resistance

An increase in temperature above 55 ° C will greatly increase the corrosive power of alkalis and will eventually lead to cracks or holes in the tank body. In addition, liquid soda freezes at temperatures below 5 ° C, and as its volume increases, cracks can form in the tank. Therefore, it is better to use stainless steel to build the body of the soda storage tank to have high resistance in different environmental conditions.

Construction of soda storage tank

Haft Industrial Group is one of the largest manufacturers of various types of acid and soda storage tanks and other equipment in the field of water and wastewater treatment, which has more than 30 years of experience in this field. According to the conditions of the storage environment of the tank and the desired size for it and other important features for product design, the production process and construction of the soda tank is performed under the supervision of professional engineers and technicians. To know the features of each of these products, the experts of Haft Industrial Group are ready to provide the necessary advice before purchasing the liquid soda storage tank.

Soda storage tank price

The price of the liquid soda storage tank is determined according to its size and capacity, body material and thickness of the sheets used in its various parts and other appearance and technical features in them. For information on the price of the soda storage tank, just contact the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Application of sodium hydroxide storage tank

Sodium hydroxide and liquid soda are used in different industries and for different purposes, and the most important applications of sodium hydroxide storage tank (liquid soda) can be mentioned as follows:

·        Oil and petrochemical industries

·        Paper mills

·        Factories producing rayon

·        Textile

·        Paint factories

·        Using the soda storage tank in the chemical industry

·        Detergent and cosmetics factories

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