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Zeolite or boiling stone (Zeolite) is a Greek word that is used in agriculture, water and sewage treatment, as well as food production for livestock and poultry due to its very high surface absorption power and ion exchange. The structure of this group of minerals is porous and they are found in nature with yellow, white, reddish brown and sometimes colorless colors. Asaish Afza Ayman will refer to the physical and chemical characteristics, its application in water and wastewater treatment, as well as how to buy its zeolite.

What is zeolite?

Zeolite is one of the minerals with high absorption power in nature, which was first identified and introduced in 1756 by Axel Frederick Kronstedt, who was a Russian mineralogist. This mineral is also known as boiling stone, because the water in it evaporates after exposure to mineralogy. Zeolite, which is in the family of aluminosilicates, is produced by natural and synthetic methods.

Soils that have very high alkaline properties, as well as sediments created in deep seas and salt lakes, are among the environments that naturally produce zeolites, and examples of filamentous zeolites can be extracted in the nature of Iran. In addition, this mineral can be produced in the laboratory, which requires three molecules of water and one molecule of aluminum oxide. This compound is combined in sodium hydroxide solution with high heat degree and finally it is mixed with sodium silicate. Finally, to form zeolite crystals, the obtained solution is transferred to special blowers with a temperature of 97 degrees Celsius.

Types of zeolite

Zeolites used in different industries can be divided based on different characteristics, one of which is the production method of this mineral. Based on this, it is possible to refer to zeolites produced by natural and synthetic methods as well as the use of kaolin alteration method. In addition, based on the general structure and shape, they can be divided into filamentous and columnar zeolite types.

Considering that aluminum and silicon are present in zeolite, in another division they can be grouped based on the ratio of these two elements. Note that the higher the ratio of these two elements, the more acidic the zeolite will be, and for example, 0.8 means that this mineral is acidic.


Physical and chemical properties of zeolite

The general structure of zeolites is tetragonal and their surface is full of charges, and for this reason ion exchange takes place in them at a high speed. In addition, its catalytic properties and surface absorption and ion exchange make it have many applications. For example, this mineral acts as a catalyst and accelerator in many chemical reactions. In addition, the porousness of its surface makes it have a high absorption power, and for this reason, it easily absorbs volatile organic substances in the air.

One of the most important features of this mineral is its high ion exchange power, which easily loses its aluminum and replaces it with other heavy metals due to the presence of hydrated cations on its porous surface.


Application of zeolite in water purification

According to the physical and chemical characteristics and specifications of this mineral, it is used in various industries, the most important of which is water purification. The presence of heavy metal ions such as magnesium and calcium as well as aluminum is one of the problems and challenges in water purification that lead to an increase in hardness. Due to the high ion exchange power of zeolite, this mineral can be used in sand filters to absorb metal ions and reduce water hardness.


Application of zeolite in wastewater treatment

In the sanitary and urban wastewater treatment package, special attention is paid to the removal of pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater before they enter nature. One of the uses of zeolite is to help remove these pollutants by ion exchange, which of course, along with the use of zeolite, acid washing is also used to increase its strength.

In the industrial wastewater treatment package, various equipment and methods are implemented to remove toxic substances as well as arsenic and radioactive particles. To remove these pollutants, you can use zeolite, which, due to its high absorption power, absorbs gases such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, as well as clinoptilolite and shabazites, and finally removes them from the wastewater.


The price of zeolite

As mentioned throughout the text, zeolites have different types, some are acidic and some are alkaline. In addition, their production method is also different and Iranian samples are sedimentary and in most other countries volcanic type is used. Accordingly, the rate and price of this group of minerals varies and is determined according to whether they are domestic or foreign, as well as their chemical characteristics. To inquire about the price of zeolite, you can contact the sales experts of Asaish Afza Ayman.




Buy zeolite

The main application of zeolite is in the sewage treatment industry, and in addition, this mineral is used in agriculture, swimming pool water treatment, as well as food supplements for livestock and poultry. To buy zeolite with different features, you can contact Asaish Afza Ayman. It should also be noted that the type of zeolite used in each industry may have differences and their efficiency may be different. For this purpose, free consultation before purchase is provided by Asaish Afza Ayman experts.

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