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Salt Ink (hydrochloric acid)

Salt Ink (hydrochloric acid)

Salt essence (HCL) or hydrochloric acid, which is also known by other names such as salicylic acid and acid salt, is one of the strongest acids used in industrial environments and water and wastewater treatment. This compound is very corrosive and inhaling its pungent smell leads to respiratory problems and poisoning. Hydrochloric acid has a very high effect in terms of descaling and scaling and is used in various industries such as steel production, electroplating and acid washing of metals. safe comfort; The supplier of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will continue to introduce the complete hydrochloric acid and explain how it is produced, the price, and the important things in buying and using it, and will also answer the question, what is the difference between the essence of salt and Vitex?

What is the essence of salt or hydrochloric acid?

Hydrochloric acid or HCL, which is also known by other names such as Tirek and also acid salt and hydrochloric acid, is a colorless acidic substance and has a very high corrosive power and is considered a very practical option for scaling. In addition to the effects it has on removing sediments from various surfaces and facilities, salt ink is used to produce PVC plastic materials as well as coagulant materials in various industries. According to the available documents, for the first time, hydrochloric acid or salt essence was prepared in the 16th century by Andreas Libavius, which was obtained by heating salt in a porcelain crucible.

What is the pH of salt essence?

According to standards, the pH of salt ink (hydrochloric acid) is between 0 and 2. In other words, it can be said that the pH of the essence of salt is less than 2.

How to produce and formula for making salt ink

There are many ways to prepare hydrochloric acid or salt essence, among which we can mention the use of table salt. Of course, in the production methods of hydrochloric acid in the industry, hydrogen chloride and water are used, and finally the output of that acid is 38% pure. If common salt and sulfuric acid are used to produce this acid, we will witness the following reactions:

NaCl + H2SO4 ——> HCl + NaHSO4

NaCl+H2NaHSO4———-> HCl + Na2SO4

In this method, in addition to salt and sulfuric acid, it is necessary to use nitrate paste and heat it.

In another method, which is more common, hydrogen and chlorine are used to prepare hydrochloric acid, whose reaction formula is as follows:

H2 + Cl2 ———–> 2HCl

In this method, chlorine and hydrogen are first heated so that chlorine burns and hydrogen chloride is produced. Silicate furnaces are used to heat chlorine and hydrogen, and finally cold and absorbed hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid will be obtained.

Physical and chemical properties of salt ink or hydrochloric acid

The essence of salt or the chemical formula of HCL is colorless with a very pungent smell, which has a very high corrosive power and is used in water purification. The molecular weight of this acidic substance is 36.46 g/mol and its purity is between 30 and 37%. It should be noted that hydrochloric acid with a purity of more than 40% is very volatile and it is necessary to keep it in closed environments with suitable temperature conditions. Salt essence melts at -35°C and boils at 108°C and is not flammable, but it dissolves easily in water.

Reaction of salt essence with metals

As mentioned throughout the text, this acidic substance is very corrosive and is used in various industries and the production of metals and plating and steel. Iron and tin and the metals that are based on these two dissolve in contact with the essence of salt. This feature is widely used to remove tin and solder from electronic components. It should be noted that hydrochloric acid is not able to dissolve precious metals and copper.

What is the difference between salt ink and Vitex?

One of the common mistakes is that most people consider Vitex and salt ink to be the same. These two chemicals, both of which have high cleaning properties, are different in terms of the type of compounds they contain. Vitex, which is actually sodium hypochlorite, is composed of sodium and chlorine and is used as an alkaline substance. This is while hydrochloric acid has a pH less than 2 and is a very strong acid with corrosive properties. For this reason, salt ink creates black spots on metal, tile and ceramic surfaces, but Vitex does not have such properties. Note that the combination of these two substances is very dangerous.

What is the difference between scale remover and ink salt?

The difference between the essence of salt and scale remover is largely related to the type of consumption and their use, as well as the acid strength of these two solutions. Salt essence or acid hydroxide is a substance with a very high acid strength in the range of 0 to 20, which is mostly used in the industry. These materials are used to remove strong deposits and purification. At the same time, scale removers have a weaker acid strength and are mostly used to polish and remove stains from tiles and ceramics.

Application of salt essence in water purification

The application of salt ink is used in various industries such as steel and metal production, food industry, as well as paper whitening, etc. One of the most important applications of these acidic materials is water and wastewater treatment. Hydrochloric acid is used in the production process of iron chloride and polyaluminum chloride, which are strong coagulants. The use of these materials is widely used to remove colloidal and suspended particles in sewage and water treatment ponds.

Other uses of hydrochloric acid include the regeneration of cationic resins used in water treatment equipment such as hardeners. Note that failure to observe safety principles when using these acidic substances will cause many problems such as skin irritation, poisoning, breathing problems and suffocation.

Application of hydrochloric acid in swimming pools

The essence of salt is used in swimming pool water purification as well as scaling of ceramic and floor tiles and its walls. Due to its high corrosiveness, these materials should be used in a very small amount, at a ratio of 1 to 100 liters of water, otherwise it will lead to black stains and the loss of the glaze on ceramic tiles.


It should also be noted that after using liquid chlorine or chlorine powder in swimming pools, the pH value may face changes that, if not controlled, can lead to skin diseases. In conditions where the alkalinity of water increases after chlorination, by injecting a small amount of salt ink, the pH value can be adjusted to the standard level.


The price of salt ink

The price of salt ink is determined according to its degree of purity, as well as the manufacturer’s brand and their quality. Considering the fluctuations in the market and the price of chemicals, we suggest that you contact the experts of Asaysafza Ayman to inquire about the price of hydrochloric acid.




Buy salt ink

The degree of purity of hydrochloric acid is very important, and according to its application, different options are used for this purpose. For example, the purchase of salt ink used for industrial environments can have a high degree of purity of about 37%, and for home use, about 10 to 12% is used. Asaisafza Ayman sales experts will provide free advice before buying hydrochloric acid and will introduce the used samples according to their consumption.

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