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Sodium Metabisulfite

Sodium Metabisulfite

Sodium meta bisulfite (Na2S2O5) is a white compound of hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen, which is inorganic and known as one of the strong chemicals in removing chlorine from water. This inorganic compound is a very strong antioxidant and disinfectant and is used not only in water and wastewater treatment, but also in food production industries as well as paper production and other industries. safe comfort; The provider of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will continue to introduce this industrial disodium metabisulfite (sodium pyrosulfite) and explain its uses, price and how to buy and sell it.

What is sodium metabisulfite?

Pyrosulfite, sodium metabisulfite, disodium salt are all names of sodium metabisulfite, which indicate an inorganic compound that is used as a yellowish white powder in various industries. This chemical has a high antiseptic effect and oxidizes quickly in case of contact with air humidity. One of the most important features of this compound is the presence of sodium, hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur in it, which will seriously harm aquatic animals if they enter the water.

Physical and chemical properties of industrial sodium meta bisulfite

As mentioned, this compound is used in the industry as a white powder with a yellow color and some of its physical and chemical characteristics are as follows:

The molecular mass of disodium salt is 190 g/mol.
The density of this organic chemical compound is 1.48 grams per cubic centimeter.
Na2S2O5 reaches its boiling point at 315°C and melts at 150°C.
In contact with water, these compounds release sulfur dioxide, which has a very unpleasant smell.
Hand skin contact with these substances leads to superficial burns
Eye contact with sodium meta bisulfite causes burning and itching.

Inhaling a lot of vapor produced from these substances can lead to nausea, shortness of breath and vomiting
These compounds are generally safe and their safety codes are R22 R31 R41

Production method of industrial sodium meta bisulfite

The use of Na2S2O5 in the industry is very high, and for this reason, it is produced in different ways. One of the main methods of producing this chemical inorganic compound is the evaporation of sodium sulfite solution saturated with carbon dioxide. As a result of the evaporation of this solution, the following reaction occurs:

Application of sodium meta bisulfite in water purification

In addition to the use of sodium pyrosulfite in alcohol production and winemaking factories, fabric dyeing, paper bleaching, as well as its use in the pharmaceutical, oil, and petrochemical industries, these compounds are also used in sewage and water treatment. Among the cases used in this field, the following options can be mentioned:

Chlorine removal in water treatment ponds

One of the most important steps in water purification is its disinfection and disinfection by injecting solid chlorine, liquid chlorine, and gas, which greatly increases the output quality of water treatment plants. A very important issue is that the remaining chlorine after the chlorination process leads to the occurrence of skin, digestive and respiratory diseases, and for this reason, excess chlorine is removed in various ways, including the use of Na2S2O5.

Application of sodium meta bisulfite in reverse osmosis membrane washing

The use of RO industrial desalination device for the purpose of using sea water and brackish water resources is widely used in various industries. The continuous use of this equipment leads to the accumulation of a large volume of solutes on the membrane and reduces the efficiency of the device. For this reason, in addition to backwashing, using chemical compounds such as industrial sodium metabisulfite can reduce the accumulated pollution on the membranes.

Applications of sodium metabisulfite

In addition to the above, these compounds and chemicals are also widely used in other industries, some of which are:


The use of these substances in pharmaceuticals and the production of paracetamol tablets
Used in plastic production industries
Production of detergent and industrial hygiene mod
Application of sodium meta bisulfite in textile and wool bleaching and fiber production
Whitening and increasing the quality of paper pulp
Solving and preparing dyes in textile and dyeing industries
Used in the food industry

Harms and dangers of sodium meta bisulfite

Sodium metasulfite is one of the most dangerous chemicals and causes serious damage to the respiratory and digestive systems and the skin. One of the most important risks and harms of contact with these substances is the occurrence of problems such as severe burning and itching of the skin, nausea, headache, fluctuations in heart rate, and also disorders in the digestive system. For this reason, these materials are used only in completely safe conditions and with gloves, glasses and strong breathing masks.




The price of sodium meta bisulfite

The price of these chemicals is determined according to various factors, including their degree of purity. Due to the fact that these materials are produced with different degrees of purity, you can contact Asaysafza Ayman experts to inquire about the price of sodium meta bisulfite.




Meta bisulfite brand

One of the most well-known brands in the field of producing this group of chemicals is Pars Sulfite. These materials are of high quality and due to their production in Iran, they have a more reasonable price than imported products. To buy Pars Sulfite meta bisulfite, you can register your bulk and partial order in the industrial group.




Buy industrial sodium meta bisulfite

Due to the high absorption power of air humidity by these compounds, it is necessary to store and supply them in very resistant and completely insulated packages. In addition, the degree of purity of these materials is directly related to their quality, which is necessary to choose and buy the best options according to the type of application. Asaysafza Ayman sales experts offer free consultations before buying sodium meta bisulfite in order to make a better choice for the customer.




Sale of sodium meta bisulfite, reasonable price per kilo and wholesale

The sale of sodium meta bisulfite in bulk and in parts belonging to different brands is carried out by Asaisafza Ayman Group. It should be noted that the sale of sodium meta bisulfite in Mashhad, Tehran and other cities of Iran is done with quality assurance and all the features and details of the product are provided by the sales experts of Asaish Afza Ayman.

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