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Solid Chlorine

Solid Chlorine

Solid chlorine or calcium hypochlorite (Ca(ClO)2) is one of the mineral compounds that acts as a strong base and has high oxidizing properties. This mineral compound is used in the form of chlorine powder and tablets in water purification and disinfection and disinfection of swimming pools, fruits and vegetables, etc. safe comfort; The provider of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will continue to introduce the full characteristics of chlorine powder and will describe its physical and chemical characteristics, application, as well as its price and how to buy it.

What is solid chlorine or calcium hypochlorite?

Chlorine is the 17th element in the periodic table, many of its derivatives are used in various industries. Among the chlorine derivatives, we can mention solid chlorine or chlorine powder, which is also known by other names such as calcium hypochlorite and perchlorine. This material is in solid form and its powder is granular and white in color and decomposes in humid air and therefore it will create a pungent smell in the environment.

This mineral compound is used in different ways, including chlorine tablets, and it is widely used in swimming pool purification.

Physical and chemical properties of solid chlorine

Like other chlorine compounds, calcium hypochlorite also has different physical and chemical characteristics and it is necessary to know them before use in open and closed environments. Among these features, the following options can be mentioned:

Solid chlorine has high calcium and its entry leads to an increase in water hardness.
Chloride easily loses H+ and for this reason it can be used as a strong base.
The combination of calcium hypochlorite with acidic substances leads to the production of toxic gases.

Calcium hypochlorite has a very high stability
The use of chlorine powder in the treatment of sewage and water will lead to the production of the carcinogen trihalomethane
The amount of available chlorine in calcium hypochlorite is more than that of sodium hypochlorite.
The reaction of calcium hypochlorite with organic substances leads to fire.

The reaction of chlorine powder with ammonia leads to an explosion.
The molar mass of this mineral compound is 142.98 grams per mole, its density is 2.35 grams per cubic centimeter, and its melting point is 100 degrees Celsius and its boiling point is 175 degrees Celsius.


How to produce calcium hypochlorite or chlorine powder

Different methods are used to produce solid chlorine, two of which will be mentioned below:

One of the most common ways to produce perchlorine is the reaction between sodium hypochlorite or liquid chlorine and calcium chloride. The following relationship shows how these two compounds react:

CaCl2 + 2NaClO > 2NaCl + Ca(ClO)2

One of the old methods used to produce chlorine powder is the reaction between chlorine gas and lime. The following relationship shows how this reaction occurs:

2Cl2 + 2Ca(OH)2 > Ca(ClO)2 + CaCl2 + 2H2O

Application of solid chlorine in water purification

As mentioned throughout the text, chlorine tablets and powder are used as a strong disinfectant in water and sewage treatment. According to the type of water and desired output, it is necessary to use a specific amount of this material. For example, for drinking water where the purpose is to control taste and smell, calcium hypochlorite powder with a purity of 60%, about 10 to 17 mg/liter, should be used. In situations where the goal is chlorination before purification, this amount will be a maximum of 17 mg/liter of powder with a purity of 60%.


One of the main uses of perchlorin or chlorine powder is disinfection and disinfection of swimming pool water. For the purification and disinfection of pool water, 70% pure chlorine powder 3 to 15 mg/liter and 3 to 17 mg of 60% calcium hypochlorite should be used. To use chlorine powder and tablets, it can be added manually to the pool water.




Application of chlorine powder in wastewater treatment

Other uses of solid chlorine include wastewater treatment, which is used in processes such as odor control, primary treatment, activated sludge, and septic tank treatment. It should also be noted that adding chlorine powder to the treatment ponds leads to a decrease in BOD. In the use of chlorine tablets for wastewater treatment, its quantity should also be considered, for example, in situations where the purpose of control is, calcium hypochlorite with a degree of purity of 70%, 29 to 44 mg/liter, should be used. Meanwhile, in septic tanks, this amount is 87 to 131 mg/liter for chlorine powder with a purity of 70%, and if the purity is 60%, 102 to 153 mg/liter of solid chlorine is needed.




The price of solid chlorine or calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite has different degrees of purity and their prices change accordingly. Considering the fluctuations in the mineral market and the differences in the price of these materials with different degrees of purity and concentration, the experts of the industrial group are ready to provide the daily price of these products.




Buy solid chlorine or chlorine powder

In the purchase of solid chlorine, it is necessary to pay attention to its degree of purity in the first step and to choose the right option according to the conditions of the environment and the effluent or water to be treated. Due to the uncertainties in this field, Asaish Afza Ayman experts offer a free consultation before buying calcium hypochlorite. The products of this collection with high degree of purity are available in bulk at a reasonable price.




Powdered chlorine brands
Nirochlor powder chlorine


Another Iranian brand that is active in the field of solid chlorine production is Nirochlor. This brand offers solid and powdered chlorine with a purity of 65% and can be used in various industries. Due to the fact that Asaish Afza Ayman Group is the supplier of Nirochlor solid chlorine from the manufacturer, for this reason, it sends these materials to all over Iran at a cheap and reasonable price.


Chlorine powder

Perchlorin Chloran is one of the most well-known products produced by an Iranian brand, which has high quality and purity and is used in water purification. This type of solid chlorine with a degree of purity of 60, 65 and 70% is sold in wholesale and retail form in Asaisafza Ayman collection.


Chlor Aquafit India

To buy perchlorine at a reasonable price from foreign brands, Indian Chlor Aquafit can be a good option. The products of this brand have a purity of 70% and are mostly used for swimming pool water purification. These materials have been sold online and wholesale and retail in Asaisafza Ayman collection and all of them have quality assurance.

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